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Analysis of Ko Soo

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The possibility of a good personality can make a person popular?

A person can become a star from just one drama. There was someone who believed himself to be a big star and behaved haughtily in an advertisement film studio. Now he no longer represents the brand and only appears on television intermittently.

There was also a Mr B who was an unknown when he went abroad to shoot an advertisement with a French director. He was affable to the staff. He is now a lead actor after only 2 years, has good ratings for his drama and is also a CF model for many brands.

Therefore, human relationship is one of the important conditions to success in drama and advertisement production work. If a model has bad manners in a film studio, his contract will be cancelled when renewal time comes.

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The single Ko Soo who shines with knighthood spirit

..... let me introduce you to the single and friendly charmer Ko Soo.

Ko Soo (32) recently filmed a Hana Bank advertisement. His last aired drama was “Will It Snow For Christmas” which he starred as someone who is indifferent but secretly cares for the female lead, a character which captivated many female fans. I met him at the advertisement film studio and on the set when he was doing the drama. Although quiet, he constantly cares about the people around him.

Last winter, as everyone will remember, was extremely cold. The Hana Bank advertisement was shot in the early morning hours in the open. There was barely any heat in the dressing room which was near the front entrance of the building.

Ko Soo was given a small electric stove as he was the model and if he were to be frozen, it would not be possible to give a good performance. However, Ko Soo gave up the precious little stove to a female staff member.

He was so cold that he trembled but he made do with only his collar which he adjusted and rested against. The staff including the writer were all impressed by his sacrifice and knighthood spirit.

His unique personality showed during a fan festival hosted by the advertiser sponsor. After staying up all night to finish drama shooting, he took off just in time for his next appointment. The sight of him running in a hurry and saying, “Oh dear! Shooting will be delayed if I do not arrive on time”, showed his tiredness and anxiety.

For 2 days and 2 nights, he kept his schedule free until the commemoration shoot finished. This shows his sincerity, unlike other “A” class models who would not hesitate to take leave.

Ko Soo was shooting a Hana Bank advertisement where he had to break through a needle-like hole through a narrow wall dressed in a business suit. A senior who passed by greeted Ko Soo. He does not get distracted under any circumstances and he very gamely portray each character that is required of him.

Hence, the phrase “A good personality can make a person popular” is not incorrect in the advertising industry. The background where these people are loved for a long time by fans rightly points to personality. Korean actors are urged to keep this in mind.

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This is picture of the similar electric stove....

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