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SBS Live One Night 'Hanbam' TV Entertainment News

It's SBS One Night 'Hanbam' TV Entertainment News, hosted by 조영구 Cho Yeong Gu / Jo Young Ku.This popular entertainment news aired right after Will It Snow For Christmas Ep.10 (jan7th,2010) 

Funny Ko Soo!

So it says the camera crew for a programme came to the filming site for 'Will It Snow For Christmas?' and saw Ko Soo.

Ko Soo: Nice to meet you.

Reporter: We are from "One Night TV Entertainment" and we've prepared an invitation for Mr Ko Soo.Is it fortune or woe? Looks like it's a good thing!

Jo: (My first time hosting in 2010... those of you who want to meet Ko Soo, you must come! Please do come!)

KS: I will be there, definitely.

We have put in a lot of effort for our celebrity guest Ko Soo. Here's the spectacular setting for the live shoot. Isn't it cool?

Jo: Let us welcome Mr Beautiful Eyes Ko Soo! Ko Soo-sshi, have you seen such a spectacular scene?

KS: No, you guys have transformed this place!

Jo: So how do you feel?

KS: Fantastic!

Jo: Does everyone like Ko So?

Fans: Yes!

Jo: So why do you all like Ko Soo-sshi?

Fans: He's handsome...

Ko Soo isn't only handsome, he looks equally cool when taking photographs with fans.

Jo: Now we're going to take a lie detector test - if you lie, you will be exposed!

Question: Do you have a girlfriend?

KS: Yes.

Seems to be true...

Jo: You really have one?

KS: Actually no.

Jo: Then why did you give that answer?

KS: Isn't this a lie detector test? I wanted to test it out!

Jo: Everyone, Ko Soo has no girlfriend!

All the fans are very grateful to you..

Q: Is there an ideal type?

KS: No.

Jo: The result is... it's a lie!

Jo: Looks like there's an ideal type after all, so why did you lie?

KS: Naaah, it's just that in my eyes, a woman can be very attractive if she puts her best foot forward in whatever she does.

Q: Do you think you're handsome?

KS: No.

Jo: This time... ahhh, it's a lie again! What do we do?

KS: Mmm I guess I'm not too bad, haha.

Our fans feel very happy to be able to see Ko Soo in person.(Apparently there's a banner that says "Here inside there is Ko Soo", adapted from the famous line by Soo Hyuk of "Lovers in Paris" - "Here inside there's you!")

So let's invite Ko Soo-sshi to cut the ribbon here and follow me inside.

We have prepared a great many things for Mr Ko Soo!

Jo: Lalala...

KS: What's this?

Jo: I prepared this trophy for you. Like it?

KS: Of course!

Jo: Really? What's your goal for 2010?

KS: I hope to get a better prize, that'd be nice!

Jo: Better prize ~O(∩_∩)O~

Jo: All right, let's play a traditional game of picking lots.

Jo: Going against the current... this means if we can brave through 

obstacles, we will reach the shore of victory.

KS: I feel that life isn't easy, so even if I encounter obstacles, I will do my best to overcome them.

Jo: Ah, you're full of confidence.

KS: Yes.

Ko Soo returns to the small screen after four years with "Will It Snow For Christmas?", and is enjoying great popularity.

Jo: Does the protagonist have a lot of lines to say?

KS: Yes.

Jo: Is there pressure?

KS: First, I'd think: Can I do it well? I'd think a lot about it. In the first half, there were many emotional scenes, so with all that emotional baggage, it'd get a little tiring!

But Ko Soo is indeed Ko Soo, he does emotional scenes so well...

(Han Ye-seul vs Sunwoo Sun)

Q: Who is livelier during the filming?

KS: Miss Ye-seul has a lively personality. For me, I'd just greet people with "Happy New Year", but Miss Ye-seul would go "Happy New Year aah!" (you have to watch by yourself how Ko Soo imitates Han Ye-seul).

Imaginary reply from Han Ye-seul: Oppa is really like me!

Jo: Did you receive training somewhere? You're more talkative now!

Has our Ko Soo changed? Was he like this before? (refers to old interviews):

KS: Is my face red?

Kim Ha-neul: He's embarrassed...

So there was a time when he'd get embarrassed and run off.

Let's see, was that question really difficult?

Jo: Looks like you've changed.

KS: Naah. Previously I didn't have a lot to say, so I was in a bit of 

flux. In my twenties, I was always asking myself why! 'Why is it like this? Why am I here?' There were too many doubts like these! I was pretty much all over the place when answering such questions. Why must I just pick one answer? I think all four are correct.

Jo: Looks like you wasted your time studying in high school... (this is meant to be funny. it's a joke!)

Jo: So back in high school, was there a queue of girls lining up for you?

KS: Well, there was, sometimes I'd also meet girls who were hiding in a corner.

Let's look at Ko Soo's high school's photos... he was already very good looking.

(1999 drinks commercial)

Honed his acting skills in dramas such as "Piano", "Green Rose" and "Mother and Sisters".

But in 2008, when he finished his military service, why did he choose to return via the stage rather than the small screen? Many people are curious about the reasons.

KS: That's because I hadn't acted in a long time, almost forgot how to act. There were times when I felt "Am I cut out to be an actor?"... So I wanted to prepare myself first. After all, I'm in no rush to act.

Just like preparing bit by bit, Ko Soo's acting skills after his military service haven't been hidden. That's why he's looking radiant these days, and has returned with a movie, "White Night", in 2009.

Jo: So are you more confident about acting now?

KS: I feel that acting is comfortable and also very interesting. Compared to the past, now it's more enjoyable to interpret characters, more meaningful.

Jo: Let's go out and say hello to everyone, it must be freezing out there.

KS: Sure!

To see Ko Soo, many fans braved the freezing temperatures to wait outside.

KS: Everyone must stay healthy! Wishing you fortune and luck in the new year! I hope everyone can enjoy a heartwarming winter! Thank you all!

Such a kind-hearted Ko Soo...

Q: Your thoughts on attending a programme like this?

KS: It's more fun and more interesting than being on TV! If there's a next time, I'd like to participate!

We're very thankful to Ko Soo as well for his participation!

Host Jo Young Ku and Ko Soo

Credit and Many thanks to cutiepie, puppyiz's blog and Ko Soo Paew's Site and the English translation by Aziraphale (soompi). 

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