Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Letter by KO SOO (1004SOO Cafe-Daum)

Translated by Wid Kosoo

 “Dear my beloved Angel family. Time flies really fast and all of a sudden we celebrated the New Year of 2012! I remember when I saw the first sentence in this fansite (1004SOO Cafe-Daum) 10 years ago. The memories are so clear in my mind. The first event, the people I met, my appearances on TV, the articles about me, and because of you I could have lived this kind of different world that I thought I’d need a long time to adapt.

In my first performance I had teary eyes coz of the audience’s intent look, at that time I just hardly left my house and lived in fear day by day, and I had to overcome it all alone. And one day, a person appeared. That was you. Your presence becomes a major thing in my life. Sometimes you’re pleasing me with your childish thoughts, sometimes you make me feel comfortable to have you as a friend, sometimes your grown-up side gives me a good advice.

We’re growing together for the past 10 years. While reading the statements in this fansite, sometimes I laugh along. How well you know all of my feelings. Sometimes I didn’t dare to tell my absolute feeling to others, but seems you always know my true feelings so well. Our thoughts are so similar.

I write this letter because I have some news that brings me great joy, and I wanted all of you to be the first one to know. Everyone! I’m getting married. While listening to the story of you about your warm family, I’ve always imagined to have a lovely home with my own family too.

In 2008, there was a woman that captured my heart. I kept my distance for a long time and hid my feelings for her, but as time passed we realized that we felt the same about one another and very naturally became lovers. We completely trust and depend on one another more than anyone else, and we have decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

We know that this kind of news would be exposed to the media and as an ordinary person it would be a burden, so I couldn’t tell you much earlier. I hope that you will try to understand and open your heart to accept my apologize. Thanks for always here next to me to support when the agency released the news. And thanks to everyone for your cheers, you’re really kind to me. I will repay your love and support by continuing to do my best as an actor and as the head of my household.”

2012, 1, 11.

Note from WID :

Here I attached the clearer version of Ko Soo's handwritten letter. Taken from mydaily.

Published for Ko Soo Indonesia FC (KIF) only
Thanks to 1004SOO Cafe-Daum for the letter

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