Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet Dating of Ko Soo and Cha Ye Ryeon

Article by bh
Translated by Wid Kosoo

Ko Soo and Cha Ye Ryeon enjoyed 'Sweet Dating' in CJ launching show of the new premium sugar. Ko Soo has been chosen as spokeperson coz of his "athletic star" image in the entertainment industry.

This premium sugar is good for a healty person like Ko Soo who watch what he eats and to maintain a slim body like Cha Ye Ryeon as a model.

Ko Soo in a navy suit and Cha Ye Ryeon in an orange mini-dress were sharing their sweet smiles to fans.

Cha ye Ryeon said "It's not easy for actress to overcome the temptation of sweets. Eating sweet snacks were happy childhood memories that I miss so much."

Ko Soo said, "As many others, I love sweat treats.. but to take care of my body I'm also deliberately avoiding sugar. However, I was surprised to hear about this premium CJ reduces the absorption of sugar."

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