Friday, June 24, 2011

A Letter from Lieutanant Kim

 Translated in English by : ELSIE

Max Movie has published a special letter series for each character in GOJIJEON. These letters talk about life and death on the battlefield.

Letter from Aero.K – From Lieutenant Kim Soo Hyuk (Ko Soo) of the Alligator Squadron who is cool headed, daring and always at the forefront of combat.

July 1, 1953

Occasionally I think I have died before.

At first, I was unskilled in holding a gun.

Now I shoot freely and put the gun to the enemy’s face.

Naturally, I will go to hell because I have shed much blood.

There is no hell more than here.

It is likely that I will not be able to leave this place.

It is necessary to survive.

For the comrade-in-arms who died and for the number of enemy forces that we killed,
it is necessary to survive and to return to our hometown again.

The head of the new company came today.

And … my friend Eun Pyo who separated from me during the war.

I never thought that I’ll see Eun Pyo again.

Everything was forgotten regarding combat at the bay.
Because it was at that time that I have already died.

After the successful recapturing of the highlands the day before yesterday, something interesting happened.

It was a beautiful photograph of the younger sister of the people’s army named Cha Te Gyon.

I confiscated the photograph from a platoon member.

I noticed that the photograph looks like someone.
The child in the photograph completely looks like the younger sister of death.

The guy will be firmly killed tomorrow.
Accurately It will hear a shot in two seconds and 'bang'.
The more I imagine images of persons falling like silent meat, the more fear surges.
However, if the guy is not killed . . . We platoon members will die anyway.

By the way, the address written on the back of the child's photograph

will reveal the place where the child lives?
Let's really write a letter to the child if a truce becomes a reality.
To meet once.

Aligator company

Head of Platoon, Lieutenant Kim Soo Hyuk.

Joined the army on June 25.
Separated with friend Kang Eun Pyo while entering into war. Met soldier Shin.

Rendered meritorious service in the bay combat participation

August 9 - Two class special promotion.

Appointed as officer and led army into victory in the super-Aero.k combat.

At present, Lieutenant in the Alligator company. A lot of victory record.

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