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The Story Behind the Making of Narangd Cider CF

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The Narang company intends to strengthen its marketing efforts for the ‘Narangd Cider’. With its concept of ‘zero calorie cider’, the product aims at targeting young ladies in their 20’s. A TV commercial has in fact been planned since the beginning of this year.

The commercial features two aspects of the product, the first being the ‘comparison’ aspect and the second being the “sociable” aspect.

Looking closely at the ‘Narangd Cider’ commercial, one could distinguish clearly the 4 distinct features of the product, which are ‘calorie’, ‘sugar’, ‘colour’ and ‘preservatives’. All these 4 features can be humanized.

If ‘Narangd Cider’ is human, then Ko Soo is ‘Narangd Cider’ itself and the 4 models in the commercial are ‘calorie’, ‘sugar’, ‘colour’ and ‘preservatives’ respectively.

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It can be seen clearly that all 4 ladies were taking turns to attract Ko Soo, in particular Miss Calorie. However, Ko Soo did not succumb to such temptation. The lady then asked, “Why is the cider (drink) “zero” sociable?” Ko Soo repled sharply, “Then I am “zero”. The chandelier started to change to ‘Narangd Cider’ and gradually disappeared. ‘The good zero-calorie Narangd Cider’ which is the key message appeared. Finally and most importantly, the charming Ko Soo said,
“Please drink with me”. :)
( I think this will become a popular catch phrase this year).

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“Please drink with me” sounds like a marriage proposal to ladies in their 20s who are the targeted consumers! (After viewing the commercial 1-2 times, viewers should find it easy to remember “Please drink with me”). Anyway, this meaningful commercial with its rich social contents will be broadcast from 1st May. Please see for yourself. Our model Ko Soo is the only who can best represent the excellent and exquisite quality of ‘Narangd Cider. He is the no. 1 model for this product.

Shooting for the cf took place in March. I am the brand manager and this is my first cf shooting experience!

(From the very start, my female colleagues were eager to meet Ko Soo, but …)

I met Ko Soo before the cf shooting. ‘I look forward to working with you”, I said (as the brand manager haha :D ).

Really, I have met many artistes but Ko Soo is truly a handsome man. He is indeed worthy of the nickname ‘handsome sculptured man’. He is older than me by a year and he is handsome and refreshing.

The director is famous too! The stage that was built on the set was large-scale and it was said that the chandeliers were the highlight. The shooting started around 1-2 pm and completed at 6 am. All staff including me stayed up all night!

The scene which Ko Soo said “Please drink with me” finished at around 5 am. Ko Soo was professional to the end and he was wonderful!

To know about the product, please visit:

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Credit : Elsie and Baidu

View VDO here The Making CF :o

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