Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Dear Ko Soo

By : Nonie

People said there is no such perfect happiness, you lose some you gain some. Now Ko Soo has found the love of his life but fans start to take distance from him. No wonder why there are many actors hide  their family or just lie that they are single when actually they are married. All for the shake of the popularity, they are scared their fans will leave them.

All won't be happened if fans are mature enough.  What's the problem if your favorite actor has girl friend or even get married ? They are just like us. If fans can marry another man why your favorite actor can't marry the woman he loves ?

Shah Rukh Khan and His Family

Silly, silly, silly ! Sorry if I've got carried away but we are fans should not live in a 'pink cloud'. I really love Shah Rukh Khan's fans who loves him although he has wife and children. People even loves him more because he loves his wife despite disagreement of his wife's parents. It makes him like a real hero in a real life. That's why people loves him a lot when he acted as Raj Malhotra in "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge"

Now, our Ko Soo , for me he is like the character he acts on the screen. He respects the woman he loves, that's why he didn't hide that he has someone although I am sure HB entertainment told him to deny his relationship, but our Ko Soo, he doesn't disappoint us by telling lies. Don't you think this kind of man is very rare in the entertainment industry ? Even Hyun Bin denied that he broke up with Song Hye Gyo when actually he was.

Honestly I love Ko Soo because he is like the way I hope ; A nice man. Those beautiful moist eyes are really not an act, cause he is honest on screen and of screen. Just like I love Shah Rukh Khan who is a nice husband and good father, I hope our Ko Soo will be like him at least. 

Amitha Bachan

Now some silly fans may take a distance from him but I hope Our Ko Soo won't give up and he will act better in the future like Kim Yoon Hoon in "Marrying A Millionaire", A good actor will always be needed than a good looking actor. Youthfulness will go one day, but good actor will always shine ; simple example : Amitha Bachan who becomes one of the most expensive actor in Bollywood although he is more than 60 years old... !!!

Fighting, Jia You, Ko Soo ssie, We love you !!

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  1. yes nonie,Shah Rukh Khan I respected this guy alot he is such a family man.I saw his programe on tv and he is not afraid to talk abt his family and even as famous as ever.A well respected guy, friendly and down to earth!