Friday, May 6, 2011

Can you find Shin Ha Kyun, Ko Soo, Ko Chang Seok and Ryu Seong Soo in the picture?

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Brief translation by : ELSIE

It is a scene where the actors appear in combat uniform with sweaty bodies and dirty faces. A cold winter wind blows across their faces. They are in full combat uniform ready for field battle. No one is recognisable from that group. Not even Ko Soo with the handsome sculptured face (or “Ko-vid” as he is nicknamed); or the eagle eyed Shin Ha Kyun; or Ryu Seong Soo, the actor with the prominent nose and jaw; or Ko Chang Seok, the big-framed actor with the good-natured smile, can be recognised all at once. Director Jang Hun took pains to ensure that everyone is of equal importance. He wants to make a movie where every military personnel who devoted their entire life on the highlands are the main characters. Working in an environment where everyone is of equal importance, the actors became ‘blood brothers’ and developed a deep friendship which they are proud of.

GOJIJEON is expected to be released in July.

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Brief translation

13th Udine Far East Film Festival

PSYCHIC was one of 12 Korean movies that were introduced at the 13th Udine Far East Film Festival held on 29th April. Director Kim Min Suk attended the film festival which was held in Udine , Italy . PSYCHIC stars Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won and it is said that this movie was a big hit in Korea .

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