Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The rain will not stop us!

Brief translation of Daum Admin’s post
Translation by ELSIE

From the time we receive notice of the autograph session, we worry if it will be cancelled or will it be postponed or stopped. At last, it is now 2 days to the event. It was cloudy and it rained yesterday, but the sky is blue today after a long time. The weather forecast for Saturday says there may be more rain and showers. Many of you will be hesitant to attend because of the rain. Just an advice to everyone – seize the opportunity if you can! In the future, Ko Soo will continue to do movies, dramas, CFs, autograph sessions, events etc. But if there is an opportunity to meet him personally, catch it if possible!

Our café has fans of all ages – from elementary school students to elder sisters. Interaction was a little awkward at first, right? But I do not think there is a generation gap. Our common interest in Ko Soo has broken the ice and we got to know each other well.

Happy memories await us on Saturday. After the autograph session, which I hope you will attend, we can have a drink and a donut together as well as a good chat together. Or we can get a lift from each other.

Now, who wants to come along on Saturday?

--- end of translation ---

From Petra in soompi

The Japan fc has officially informed that all updates will cease from 3 pm today in its last and final post L. However, old updates will still be available for viewing till 31st May. Details of subscription refund will be advised via the fc site. Fans are advised to check back. Though it’s only for a short period, they thank fans for their support. That’s it then. So sad, right? Wonder how Ko Soo feels? I’m sure he visits the jfc site too. He must feel sad too.

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