Friday, April 29, 2011

Here comes the big guy’ Blockbuster movie with total production cost over 10 billion won

Article by donga news
Translated by Wid Kosoo

Son Ye Jin, Jang Jeon, Ko Soo... these actors are representing the Chungmuro. We’ve heard a lot of their names lately. They’ve joined the competion of large production cost movies, fight for securing their places in a huge unprecedented battle on screen.

The hot topic in Chungmuro this year is 'Korean blockbusters'. The movies with 10 billion won production cost to be released this summer in the scale of the epic.

'My Way' directed by Gang Je Gyu, Son Ye-jin's 'Tower', Jeon Ji-hyun of ‘The Thieves', Rain in 'Red Scarf', and Ko Soo in 'Gojijeon' waiting to be released, focusing on the size of both film and star power.

Box-office actors, and the greediness towards them

It’s a dream of a star actor, that every actor wants a good show. Appearing in the various entertainment activities and ads to maintain the popularity in public under a 'star' label, but a good role is all they need.

Jeon Ji-hyun has done many challenges of various characters on the screen since the limited success of 2001 box office 'My Sassy Girl'.

Ko Soo, after his explosive actings through ‘White Night' and 'Psychic' will be blowing the screens with a war movie 'Gojijeon' as his first challenge in a blockbuster movie.
Guess the premium status of 10 billion won production movies determined the position as an actor.

Box office for charms

Blockbuster, based on market analysis and thorough planning, is about how to create a movie. Some particular films has already planned since 2-3 years ago. An official of film investment and distribution company CJ E & M said, “4-5 years ago, the recession was unnerving the movie business in Korea. 2009 was the time for national box offices, they initiated to start blockbuster project actively. This year, it’s harvest time.”

Director Gang Je Gyu was preparing project 'My Way' in 2007, starring Jang Dong-gun. Summer 3D movie 'Sector 7’ ' starring Ha Ji Won was also planning since 2008.

As a large, high production costs, ‘300 to 4.000.000 audiences’ is a formula for a blockbuster to make it as box-office. A producer of blockbuster melodrama said that "Planning a blockbuster needs the large size of community and the huge marketing costs. The quantities soon lead to the early mobilization of the audience."

Blockbuster dominates the market ... the eyes of fear

Now it’s the era in South Korea to mix the blockbuster movie story, production scale, and eye-catching star’s appearances. However, this 'battle of the scale' is putting out the comments.

Waiting for the release of some blockbusters, people has pointed out that some Korean movies are borrowing Hollywood blockbuster’s idea. A film official said, "Steve McQueen's ‘Towering' is similar to ‘Tower’ and 'Thieves' is George Clooney's ‘Ocean's Eleven' Korean version." He added, “Hollywood films have taken the code and now the question is how South Korea film fits the taste of audience in the best way.” More than 10 billion won for a ‘domestic’ movie itself may rise a highly critical remarks.

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