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Spring 2011 : Star’s dating status, what is the difference ?

Article by media news
Translated by Wid Kosoo

A lot of news were coming from entertainment industry lately. Stars announced their dating status and marriage plan, one after another. Our reporter took a closer look how the stars fell in love.

There were a lot of news about the star’s relationship recently. Who are they?

Yes. Until March, we reported there are four cases of stars have been discovered in dating or marital  status. Ko Soo is in the early stage of falling in love with someone. Actor singer Alex is in love with a hottie from entertainment business. And there’s a couple news of Jung – Yi Ji Ah. Actress Park Si Yeon admitted to public that she’s dating a man she loves. Seo, the winner of Best Actress at last year film festival announced a wedding plan in May.

I think the stars who make the public announcement of their recent status are pretty rare in entertainment industry?

Yes.  Ko Soo’s girlfriend is an art college student, an ordinary woman. Ko Soo admitted that he’s dating her and because "She has no relation or connections to the entertainment world so I've been very cautious about announcing it to the press. I would really appreciate it if the press would respect our privacy,” he said.
Park is engaged with a man from securities industry. He has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, but earlier this year after some meetings the couple have evolved into a serious relationship. Her agency  told the story through a press release on the March 30th, "They met in the beginning of this year and had a crush on each other, then spent a few times to meet as friends and recently the relationship is growing." Seo and her man have a long-term friendship and it developed smoothly over a year, the marriage is their finish line.

The age diffference is another hot topic, right?

Yes. Ko Soo’s girlfriend is 11 years younger and known to be a mature lady. Alex’s lover is Lady Zhao, the former model, and the age difference between them is about 10 years. This is the biggest reason for male celebrities to delay the timing of marriage.  There are also 8 years gap between Yi Ji Ah and Jung. They interact with women in mid 20s,  but it can’t be said that having a young age partner is a trend. Male celebrities are thinking about marriage in older age so naturally they prefer to interact with women with bigger age differences.

There was a time when stars usually denied rumors about them. Nowadays, seems that stars prefer to admit their relationship. Why?

Somehow stars are changing the perspective about how to treat their fans with the news. In the past, a strong recognition of the scandal was leading to an unconditional damage. But now fan’s response to public romance of the stars is better and giving less support to stars who hiding their beautiful love or lying. In addition, case proven by the fact that popularity of the stars was declined.
But there were specific circumstances when couple considered to tell lies about their relationship rather than make controversial denials, lead to a limitation that did not diminish the popularity. Agency would say, “ We will check” and reacted by sending a press release after the consultation with the stars.

What is the usual reason for the stars to announce their dating status?

Conventionally, 4-5 months before the wedding, when their dating status have formally recognized, there’s a marriage announcement. In an interview Ko Soo said that he ‘is about to get married’ and his popularity is starting to decline. Ko Soo is in the marriageable age to get married so there were many questions. But his agency said it’s too early to talk about marriage. Ko Soo informed this through press releases written by him, “If the relationship continues to go well, I'll come out again to the public in the future with updates. So until then, please help us so that this can turn into a beautiful love."
Yeon is also reported that Yeon and her man are together for too long. So, yes there’s a conversation with agency about the marriage. However, there’s a rumor that she’s gonna leaving the acting world after that. And more rumors about how the wedding would be, maybe with outing theme, outside in the spring. In many cases, stars are enjoying their dating process. 

Contrary to this, some stars had chosen to break up. Who are they?

Yes. Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo are just this typical couple. They agreed to choose the different ways earlier in this year already. But Bin with his military service ahead held the two sides to announce their breakup. Bin eventually enlisted in the Marines two days before the official press release told what exactly happened. Both agencies said, "These two people are always under the public interest so they didn’t want to funnel their breakup." Yes, stars also suffered the pain of the breakup.

Picture credit to Baidu

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