Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beppu Explains


Thank you for your support and interest to The Film Festival. This event will start on April 15, two weeks from now. Our staff is preparing everything for a smooth operation. And we want to ask everyone for your cooperation.

We’ll take this opportunity to explain the thing related to our special guest actor in The Film Festival, Ko Soo.

Yesterday, the official website of Ko Soo’s Japan Fans Club noticed there’s an intent to terminate the contract with agency. However, this does not affect the appearing of Ko Soo in The Film Festival. All special guests shall be there on schedule as planned, and we’ve received notification from the agency.

However, please kindly remember that all the guests are going to visit Japan to attend the film festival, not the fans meeting. Please refrain from unrelated matters, such as questioning the personal problems.

Our Reception Staff has prepared the table seating for all people who participate in this event, and also allows for more photographs to join. However, this does not mean that you are allowed to take pictures unruly. Please follow the instructions of our staff moderator in the venues.

Also at the reception, there’s some misunderstandings about the table seating for Ko Soo. Unfortunately, for the convenience of venue, we have to arrange another plan. Unlike other guests, Ko Soo will stay on the stage to greet everyone.

Thanks everyone for understanding. We’re appreciating your cooperation. 

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