Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Missing Our Ko Soo


It has been a while since our Ko Soo last appearance in mass media. During filming Gojijeon he spent a lot of time in the filming set which is out of Seoul. We' re missing him so much, feel like he goes to his military service for a while. But we hope after the filming ends, we will see  and read more about him.

Just to heal our missing for a while , dear Petra has posted Ko Soo latest wallpaper with Sony in soompi and we post here to share with you. As usual our agent is as dashing as ever and make our heart pounding.

Wid Ko Soo has translated here and there, and found a little news about our Ko Soo, she found out that Ko Soo is among the most popular actors who are successful in doing advertising model. He is number 8 with 5 commercial.

Talking about commercial again, here another CF with Hanabank. Actually the caps are from an entertainment news. The topic is about how the male model advertise the product which actually used to be  advertise by female model.

Ko Soo with Hana Bank advertises woman only saving. For sure it should be female model who advertise this kind of commercial but surprisingly Ko Soo has successfully advertised it really well.

He is really cute in this scene

Funny news from Thai International News, Hana Bank has launched a new campaign. It says that the bank offers high interest if the customer can lose their calorie weight. This is good for female customer , the more they lose weight the more they get the interest.

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