Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ko Soo in Sonny Alpha 55 Ad

Translated by Wid Kosoo

Sony's new ads are focusing on the 10 continuous shooting and utilized the innovative technology of Sony Alpha 55 as material with emotional and dramatic scenes, the director explained. Killer concept is showing by the actor being chased by someone in the fateful encounter with a woman with short-tenth frames  perfectly captured by the camera, even in extreme circumstances.


Actor Ko Soo together with Alpha CF aired on TV November 26 in  55 channels and cable TV, can be viewed through the Alpha 55 Sony Style Canada ( and its stores.

Sony Korea team leader Seo Jeong Yeul said, "... We demonstrate the technology with storytelling based on the film-like dramatic scenes so it’s easy to understand by our customers, and with Ko Soo’s superb acting and charisma it was a high quality ad production.”  

via : zdnet  and newspim

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