Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ko Soo : " I do not have time to think about romance"

Interview by cbs
Translated by Wid Kosoo
Edited by Puppyiz


This is Ko-Vid, the new nickname of Ko Soo as an actor. He’s playing in a new movie about the superpowers, ‘Psychic’ as a simple guy Gyunam.

In fact, Ko Soo is as simple as his character there. When he asked about 'What a superpower do you want to have?’, he answered “ I want.... more powers.” :D

And "If I was given a rest.. coz I am quietly busy these days, I want to trek," Ko Soo said, "A mountain biking is fun, but sometimes I want to walk on two feet."

Ko Soo also revealed that he has a keen desire for stronger acting. "The first time since my debut before the military days, being an actor had pondered on the road.” And then he has a strong feeling for being 'aggressive, proactive and want to do this' as an actor. “In the past, I didn’t feel that the guy who wants to act in front of the camera is really me,” he confessed.

But then came along 'White Night', 'Psychic' and upcoming movie 'Gojijeon'. His screen activities since debut in 'SOME' till now are significantly compared.

" Well, 'White Night' came after a lot of scenarios," he said, "Back then, people (film-makers) were still thinking of me as a twenty-something guy. I said, 'I am getting older, friends'. That awareness seems to be sowed, "he admitted.

KoSoo is thankful these days for his complete phsyical check & meals. He feels that he doesn’t go enough and have to spend a busy day. "I love life, there is no time to think". (Even for a romance ?)

" I’m doing everything I want right now. My management wants the good performances and all interviews, " he was strongly motivated.

Finally, we asked ‘which director and actor that you want to do acting or work together?'. He replied in a peculiar shy smile, "I want to become an actor so I want to act like them (senior actors) . But first, I want to be humane and meet people."

His grandma named him Ko Soo, and she's sticking to her wish that his grandson is going to be what his name was built. Since ancient times, people were gathering near the water coz it means a lot to mankind. Like wildflowers, he will always be a simple yet passionate youth. Ko Soo has been living like his name.

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