Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ko Soo becomes exclusive model for Merrell for 3 consecutive years

Actor Ko Soo is the face for outdoor brand Merrell.

Ko Soo has had a rewarding year with the release of PSYCHIC. Having served as an exclusive model for Merrell for the last 2 years, Ko Soo has renewed his agreement with Merrrell. A contract for 3 consecutive years has just been signed.

The healthy living Ko Soo enjoys mountain climbing and outdoor sports. It was noted that he wore Merrell shoes in the action scenes for PSYCHIC. Hence, the birth of the “Ko Soo shoes”. This enabled the sales rate for the brand to increase rapidly. Thanks to his endorsement for the product, Merrell enjoyed a rapid growth in sales this year. Hence, Ko Soo is again appointed as the face for Merrell in 2011.

A Merrell spokesman said, “I think affinity with the brand is most important when selecting an exclusive model. Merrell has been a leader in the young outdoor fashion trend with Ko Soo. Customers will be able to enjoy healthy outdoor activities with the extended contract”.

Since September, Ko Soo has been busy shooting GOJIJEON, a war epic. The movie is scheduled for release in July 2011.

Translated by ELSIE via newsen

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