Saturday, December 25, 2010

Because of these men…2010 is a year of various ‘diseases’

There are various ‘diseases’ in 2010, thanks to these men. It began with “Ko Soo Disease” to “Won Bin Disease” etc. Thanks to them, new ‘diseases’ have not ceased but are still flourishing. Teary eyes in a perfect face, voices from the heart and inspiration for a mother’s love are some of the causes of these ‘diseases’.

The start of “OO Disease”? Ko Soo Disease!

The origin of the new nickname “OO Disease” derives from ‘Ko-vid’ who is also known as Ko Soo. It is said that fans were in a feverish state when Ko Soo appeared in SBS’s WILL IT SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS, his first television drama after mandatory military service. “Because of Ko Soo, we have been feverish for the longest time”, said fans. Hence, the birth of “Ko Soo Disease”. Fans were wowed by his sad eyes with unspoken pain and it was inevitable that they became infected with the ‘Ko Soo Disease’.

Though WISFC did not record a very good audience rating, but “OO Disease” which started from ‘Ko Soo Disease’ has sent a quiver of excitement this year.

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Translated in English by : ELSIE  via news.naver

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