Thursday, November 4, 2010

Psychic VIP Premier

Yesterday, November 3rd, is Psychic VIP premiere at COEX Megabox. The film will be available for public on November 10th.

Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won looked gorgeous in their 'black' again. At least this time is not all black since Ko Soo wore something yellow inside. There are bunches of pictures from the event. I take some where Ko Soo looks really gorgeous.

Looking at Ko Soo's smile I start to wonder  if Ko Soo becomes younger than before. If we compare his picture in 'my fair lady' and his picture now, we may think that this picture is the picture where Ko Soo is younger cause he looks 5 years younger than his age.

I will not let Ko Soo's candid pictures slip from my eyes, cause as I always said, he looks 'normal' and the distance between him and fans is lesser, he is human after all.

Ko Soo is captured in this look several times, especially when he is in formal event. This gesture seems his nervous expression since he is surrounding by press.

Ko Soo ssie, how old are you ? this picture taken by Yonhap News, makes him looks like a college student. Even Kang Dong Won looks older than him....

I always desagree with my friend  who keeps telling me that Ko Soo looks cute, but for this pose, I agree with her that he looks so cute, he is Jang Geun Seok's competitor for the cuteness in this picture.


I don't like his suit, it makes him looks short and fat, when actually Ko Soo is very slim and he has long legs. Actually Ko Soo looks really gorgeous in white suit, like what he wears in comodo square advertisement.

Enough with Ko Soo picture, lets see which celebrity comes to Psychic premier ? Will Han Ji Won come ? The answer is no, she doesn't come although both Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo worked together with her in the past.

Son Ye Jin comes because of Ko Soo's invitation. What a good start for a gossip to spread !!. She wore very simple pants and suit. She is a wonderful actress, I saw her in since "Summer Scene" act along Song Seun Heon.

The megastar Lee Byun Hyun came too, what a surprise, I didn't know that he is so close with Ko Soo or Kang Dong Won, but I believe he's close to the director since they have worked together in "Bittersweet of Life".

Won Bin, "Ahjuissie, Man From No Where", I think he is closer to the director too since he works together with him in "Mother" if I didn't make mistake. Perhaps that's the reason why he came to Psychic Premier.
Shin Min Ah (Love to Kill , Magic Kitchen, Gominho My Girl Friend), I wonder who invited her to Psychic Premier. But She's once work together with Ko Soo in an FC, coffee mix stick. 

Yoon Eun Hye, "The Princess Hours" came too. I'm not sure who invited her, but it's nice to see her attend 'Psychic' premiere.

Song Joong Ki, is Han Ji Wan elder brother in "Will It Snow For Christmas". It must be Ko Soo who invited him.
Han Hyo Joo, (Shining in Heritance), she looks so cute, I am not sure who invited her. But in short, I like her since "Spring Waltz"

Jung Yoo Mi worked together with Lee byun Hyun in "Bittersweet of Life" when the director of Psychic worked together with them.

Kim Rae Won (Love in Harvard, Gourmet), I thought he is still in the army. I wonder if he finished his military service. But in this picture he looks a mess. I don't like his hair style.

Im Joo Hwan, my favorite doctor in "Snow Queen", he looks cute with his wavy hair. But I don't remember he has ever worked with Ko Soo or Kang Dong Won.

Jung Woo Sung, "The Goddest of Athene", he comes too, for sure he come because of Psychic director since he worked together with him "The Good, The Bad and The Weird"

Here's Ko Soo speech during press conference for Psychic VIP premier

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