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Ko Soo : "My Ideal Woman"

This is Ko Soo interview with isplus.joinmsn, translated by ELSIE as usual and caps by Petra. Today for sure we are all Ko Soo female 'dying' fans will be excited with the title of the interview. What kind of woman is Ko Soo ideal woman, please enjoy reading !

Ko Soo (32) returns to the big screen in Director Kim Min Suk’s PSYCHIC. This time he is still playing a good-guy role as Gyu-nam, a man who is contented and happy with life. However, he becomes angry when someone dear to him succumbs to the supernatural powers of the psychic (Kang Dong Won).

After his role as a man who sacrifices himself for the woman he loves in WISFC, he reprises the good-natured Cha Kang Jin role in PSYCHIC. “My ideal woman should be someone who can show me the way and age does not matter”, said the good-natured Ko Soo with a bright smile.

Q: You have always taken on the role of a good guy…

KS: It’s just so pathetic, but it’s a coincidence. Gyu-nam is not all good. There is anger in him too.

Q: But usually a good-natured character, right?

KS: It’s not so. I do have many faces. However fans only remember the good-guy image. Actually I’m a bit lost too in terms of acting and my sense of values.

Q: How’s Kang Dong Won as an actor?

KS: I think Kang Dong Won is a really smart guy. He is a friend who knows what to do on and off camera. Though he is younger than me in age, he has a lot more cinematic experience. He is also a deep thinker.

Q: Is there a sense of rivalry?

KS: We are more concerned with how best to express our respective characters.

Q: As you have already done your military service, it’s time to think about marriage.

KS: I have not thought about marriage. I guess I will do it when the time comes. You never know… (laughs).

Q: What’s your ideal woman?

KS: I’d like someone who can show me the way, believes in me, standby me when I’m in trouble. Someone whom I can rely on, regardless of age.

Q: Are you aware that there was a buzz in the Internet some time ago that you had committed suicide?

KS: Yes, I know about it. It was right after the airing of WISFC. I was on my way to Jeju Island for a holiday when my manager called to check on me. It was really absurd. I am not that kind of person. I live life ardently (laughs).

Q: Finally, what have you been up to lately?

KS: I’m now busy with publicity for PSYCHIC and shooting my next movie GOJIJEON. I am very happy to have so much support from fans after my discharge from the army. Please continue to give me your support! Thank you.

There is a new translation from ELSIE, but since the topic is quite similar, I didn't post it separately, so I just put it in the same title. Enjoy Ko Soo's interview with news.sprtsee !

Ko Soo: Love? Maybe I’ll think about it if I could do 100 movies a year…

When asked about his love life, Ko Soo laughed and replied that he will consider dating only if he could do 100 movies a year. He lives each day doing a movie with a feeling of love. There’s a lot to learn and he wants to do more films. His ideal woman? “She has to be a sensible and wise woman”, says Ko Soo.

People around him always say he is nice and well mannered. He calmly takes on awkward questions and does not hurt other’s feelings. This is the real Ko Soo.

As for marriage, Ko Soo says he lives everyday with a feeling of love. And he will only think about marriage if he could do 100 movies a year. He still has a great many things to do. Right now, he feels he is a newbie of 20 with lots to learn, so he will not consider marriage at the moment.

What does he think about girl groups then? “They are amazing”, replied Ko Soo. “These days, the songs and dance are incredible. They are like sisters to me”.

The casting of Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo has raised the ante for PYSCHIC. Is there a rivalry between the two handsome actors? “Not at all”, replied Ko Soo. To him, Dong Won is a good friend. He often eats and drinks with Dong Won on the set. “Dong Won is smart and athletic”. What do they normally talk about? “Mostly “guys things” like games or ‘I bought something today’, ‘Is that so?’ – stuff like that”.

Throughout the interview, Ko Soo uses the words “just started” frequently. The second phase of his life started right after his military service. It is a fresh start for him. Ko Soo’s eyes were wide and deep as he talked and he was able to keep the conversion fresh. He has become more positive now. Military service has thought him to understand the importance of working (acting). Now he is able to go over scripts with surprising speed. He has been lucky to have chosen some interesting work and they are in succession one after another.

As for his future plans, “I do not want to become an actor who is soon forgotten. I want to keep acting. I don’t want to become lazy. I must keep my mind alive”. Most importantly, he wants to gain more experience. His priority now is for PSYCHIC to do well.

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