Saturday, November 6, 2010

He is happier now…

Soul Eyes

The most fabulous thing about Ko Soo is his eyes. They are strangely sensual and fresh as a boy with long black lashes and flashing pupils. This is the “Ko Soo” brand (trademark).

He isn’t the type who fears transformation and change. But he concedes that there hasn’t been an effort to create something new. Anyway, isn’t it true that an image exists only in films? Presently, he is such a person. He is like Gyu-nam who does not have an acquisitive mind, is broad-minded and enjoys living happily every day.

Ko Soo is serious. He is not flashy. He tries to make the interview easy for the writer by using gentle words. The old Ko Soo seems to have evaporated. He laughs more now, though still serious.

He was shooting GOJIJEON and has just returned from Jeonju in the morning. As GOJIJEON will be released in May next year, he proposed to talk about PSYCHIC which will be released on 10 November. Is PSYCHIC like a Hollywood sci-fi film? No, replies Ko Soo. It’s not the usual laser beam stuff. It has heart and substance.

Ko Soo received a lot attention from WISFC. It has even earned him the nicknames of ‘Ko-vid’ and ‘Ko Soo Syndrome’. He feels that this is perhaps due to the fact that the drama genre receives more clout with the masses. But with PSYCHIC, the fun is within the movie itself.

PSYCHIC is directed by a first-time director. Though the director is young and handsome, Ko Soo accepted the work because it is an interesting script and he believes in the director. He has a lot of discussions with the director when shooting the film.

When asked if he knows about the ‘Ko Soo Syndrome’ which has infected a lot of female fans, he replied that he knows about it from the Internet. “It is good but a burden as well, to be honest”.

The audience ratings of WISFC was not satisfactory as compared to Ko Soo as an individual. Ko Soo, however, feels that the work was satisfactory though there were mixed feelings from the audience. Perhaps the audience only remembers the work he did in his 20s and WISFC is his first “adult” film?

Ko Soo says he is tired. He has dozed off a little when the stylist was doing his hair. Though it is not good to nap on the set, but he just couldn’t open his eyes.

The writer commented that he looks a bit heavier in the PSYCHIC teaser poster. “Maybe my weight is piling up”, says Ko Soo. “But Gyu-nam is a light and refreshing character, even looking a little ‘foolish’ in the poster”. He added that PSYCHIC is a warm-hearted and strong movie.

How did he get along with Kang Dong Won? Ko Soo replied that, since Dong Won is the only villain in the movie, he keeps a distance from the people on the movie set. After filming completed, they had a lot of meals together and they talked a lot too. Dong Won seems to talk a lot now, much more than him.

When asked whether he is a sensitive person, Ko Soo replied, “Yes, because my occupation as an actor deals with feelings after all”.

Some people find Ko Soo difficult. Are there people who feel hesitant towards him? “I have heard about it but I don’t understand why. I’m the one who always thinks that there should never be a wall from the start because I find it tiring to analyse, judge or gauge a person. I have the same concern for an acquaintance of 10 years or a stranger I meet at the supermart. Prejudice and preconception about people are foolish”, says Ko Soo.

The writer finds the interview with Ko Soo most difficult because his answers always go beyond the question. (Haha even the writer cannot catch up with him!). Ko Soo promises to do his best for this interview. He’ll try harder.

However, “what’s a good interview?”, asks Ko Soo. “Confiding secrets is a good interview?”.

When asked what has changed 10 years after his debut, Ko Soo replied that he used to want to become a ‘senior’ fast, but now that has changed. He is almost intact but a bit older. He is making an effort to live in the public eye.

Translated by : ELSIE from ELLE magazine caps by Petra

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