Saturday, November 27, 2010

“If I was a psychic, I want to control my needs”

He sets his feet in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. Not a short periode of time, but all he wants is still not overcome. "What should I explain," he was suddenly questioning, "that I need adjustment?" He said, grinning.

" It’s hard to manage my time to sleep or appetite to eat well. With all the shooting stuff, it’s not easy to adjust your diet or sleep. Even after 10 years as an actor, it’s still the hard part. My time is sleep to work and between ... if I have the powers, first I want to control my appetite and time to sleep”.

With his number of distinct features, he is now the entertainment industry's leading handsome actor.  Ko Soo is a well known trademark  beyond Korea and shaking the hearts of Asian women. He always gives  a good impression to the public as charming person. But as an actor, he is glad to always have a fixed image. "Acting will affect you in thinking...  I’ve never worried," he confessed frankly.

" I think about the public image, as a human, I could not work on the image and they will not find that but I worried a lot in the past. Although in appearance there’s a big complaint  (about the face), ‘let's fix it' idea comes, but there was that time favorites (trends). Good looks do not matter right now to think of. I do not want to change the image as a human being. Multiple appearances in the works and a desire to express them are only the ways.”

" I want long lasting career," Ko Soo revealed his wish, ".. There’s so many things that I still want to do. And the time is short, so I’m always ready and should be prepared."

" I always want to be remembered as a sincere and steady actor, “ he added.

Oooh... Ko Soo. We’re looking forward to this diligent man’s future action.

Rough Translation by : Wida via news.nate

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