Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ko Soo in Sonny Alpha Nex ( Part 2)

Today there are many pictures of Ko Soo in his latest CF, "Sonny Alpha Nex. I took them from  Ko Soo/Go Soo Forum

Some are Ko Soo pictures behind the scene, he looks gorgeous as usual, I love the 'semi' black and white picture, they are really awesome.

This is my favorite picture, the pose is wonderful, the light is extremely well, the camera background gives perfect image.
The pose is not bad, but the make up is too thick, Ko Soo air liner disturb a little.
Nice capture , I have no more to say
The cloth, it's too hot to wear black in the summer, why don't they choose brighter color ?
It must be bothersome for an actor to put the make up like this,but still Ko Soo waits patienly
And it is not one person.....
But I am after the make up applied !
Both are really serious .....ha..ha..ha

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