Thursday, September 9, 2010

NEX Camera Commercial Film

Translated by Mee Yop Kim
Edited by Wid Ko Soo.

Actually, I always had a camera since my college days.
...I'm using it almost over 10 years.
And, Filming is my major in college, so unique camera is a thing that very close to me.
Now, as excited this thing will be... this camera (NEX5)! more thing,
I was constantly wanting to be a spokeperson for this model (NEX5) too.

This camera looks very small. But includes DSLR technique.
Well, I'm holding this camera just to show you the lens.
This is my handphone.
Looks like almost the same.

Also, I'm really suprise that it has a swing panorama system.It's very difficult to make panorama picure but this system make it very simple and easy.

And, I'm using the same camera.
It is very clean, because it had HD screen and incredibly clear.
I heard, we can make our movie or short-movie too.

Most important thing is this system, The Tip.
I think TIP is the best option that makes everyone effectively creates really awesome picture.

Very small but Very poweful Camera!!
I recomended a DSLR camera for you.

I hope to introduce ALPA camera well.. and I'm expecting for my future movie "Psychic'.
Take care and thank you everyone!

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