Thursday, August 19, 2010

"PSYCHIC" From The Young Director Kim Min Suk

Translated in English  by : ELSIE

PSYCHIC is Director Kim Min-suk’s directorial debut. His past experience included an award for his film “Memories of Old Boy” in a 2004 Short Film Festival.

PSYCHIC is just a word. There is no Hollywood-type superpower character in the film. A person’s mind is being manipulated instead of the usual Hollywood style of shooting laser beams from eyes. There are no special effects because everything has already been done by Hollywood , so a better work is unlikely to be made in the same way.

The PSYCHIC character which Director Kim created is a realistic man of today who uses psychic power to live more than the sense of justice. A strange chemical reaction occurs when daily life mixes with an extraordinary life. There is only one person who is not affected by his power. He becomes a rival and tension arises. An action-packed chase scene involving telepathy is also arranged.

Here, it is necessary to put the spotlight on the actors who play these two characters. Kang Dong-won plays a man who uses his psychic power to make a living while Ko Soo portrays the only man who is not affected by his power. It will be fun to watch two handsome actors in a unique story on the big screen. It paid off for the man who continues in silence.

“I think it’s destiny. Especially the casting. First, the schedules have to match. It's fascinating. I'm working with good people, so there is no difficulty at all. A director is like the captain of a ship who makes everything come together. When everyone is low-spirited, everyone is painful”.

He completes PSYCHIC successfully with these sentiments.

Additional :

Although "PSYCHIC" is Director Kim Min Suk' debut but he involved in some excellence film production such as " THE HOST" (2006), that's the best Korean movie ever, "BITTERSWEET OF LIFE" (2005). The last film has received so much praise in Cannes Film Festival. In 2008 he became an assistant director and script writer for : "THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD" (2008)

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