Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Piano Episode 1 (Recap)

By : Nenden.Suherni

The scene opens with the group of gangsters who entertain their boss. Han Uhk Gwan (Jo Jae Hyun) is the boss second hand and he always looks nervous and tried hard to please his boss. The boss calls Viper ( Lee Jae Yong) and tells him that Uhk Gwan saw him meeting Director Park (I believe he's the boss competitor). But he denies and says instead that Uhk Gwan doesn't have a good vision. Then the boss tell Uhk Gwan to see Director Park by himself.

The group is on the way to somewhere when suddenly Viper who drives the car hit a dog. The boss is really upset and slaps him. He tells Viper and Uhk Gwan to bury  the dog in a nice place. Viper takes the boss slap as a threat for his existence in the group. Later that day Viper calls Director Park and tells his plan.

The next morning the gangstar attacks Danam, the Boss orders Ukh Gwan to lead the attack and gives Director Park a little threatening. Ukh Wah with so much hesitation and sweating, blends with the other boys and finally talked to Director Park. But he cannot hides his nervous and make some mistakes. Since it takes time, the boss gets off from the car and entered Director Park's office.

Not long after the boss talked to Director Park, suddenly the police comes and captured the gangster. The boss and Ukh Gwan are in the bridge where the police surrounds him. Ukh Gwan talking about how helped  the Boss before, he says that it is the Boss' time to save him, then he jumps to the sea.

The setting changes with a middle age woman who looks for Uhk Gwan at the police station. Then we back to Uhk Gwan who is saved and now he hurts himself to pretend that he is injured in the fight. When he joins his gangs he is surprised that the Boss is disappeared. Uhk Gwan smiles to himself cause it means he is the Boss now.

The setting changes again to Lee family, after Dad passed away, Mom (Jo Min Soo)  moves from Seoul to Busan. Mom takes the children with her,  Lee Soo Ah ( later will be acted by Kim Han Neult) takes his father death more easily than her younger brother, Lee Kyung Ho (later will be acted by Jo In Song).

Back to Uhk Gwan ,who suddenly becomes a Boss,  spends all the gangs' money for party and women, one of the gang member reminds him that he shouldn't do like that. He must look after the boys 's life than himself. Than Ukh Gwan with a little bit exaggerate spends the money for his boys (the gang members).

But Uhk Gwan life as a boss is not long when suddenly Viper who cooperates with Director Park stopped him and embarrassed him in front of his subordinate. He kneels begging for life, and Uhk Gwan started his life as small thug.

One day a woman calls Uhk Gwan and asks him to protect her bar, but to his surprised the woman takes him to a little boy who greets him and tells his name is Han Jae Soo. (later will be acted by Ko Soo) The boy's mother is Uhk Gwan's ex girl friend, Han Sook , from Mokpo. She runs away with a Japanese and left  her son behind.

Uhk Gwan who has trouble with his life doesn't want a burden . He can't have a child  to feed, he tries to leave the boy but the boy finds him at the police station.On the train to Busan, Uhk Gwan almost leaves Jae Soo, when a pair of beautiful eyes in  the train change his decision.

Mother, Kyung Ho and Soo Ah are on the same train with Uhk Gwan and his son, Jae Soo. When mother saw Uhk Gwan left the train, mother thought he left the boy for good. But then she saw Uhk Gwan returns to his seat.

Ukh Gwan finally lives together with his son. Jae Soo is a good boy and he is very clever. He is in the same class as Kyung Ho, But Kyung Ho dislikes him and they involve into a fight. Jae Soo hurts badly and needs to rush to the hospital. Mom takes care of Jae Soo, but he left without saying goodbye.

The end of Episode 1, closed by Jae Soo monologue  (I love to hear Ko Soo voice in this monologue), he looks like captured by the police, and this is what he says :
"What was it that made my father turn back ? after a life of nothing but unhappiness he took his one shot of happiness. because of my father decision I've had to face one danger after another. But no matter how much I reflect on it all, this was the only choice I could make the name of the love my father dreamed of when he was in the rock bottom"

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