Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Hard Working Goo Soo

The day before the press conference for this serial, Go Su was shooting the fire scene for 11 hours, from morning till night! He quickly drove to the venue but he was still late for half an hour. He kept coughing and later his loud voice suddenly soft and suddenly he lost his voice. His throat became sore but he insisted of staying till the end. His manager rushed him to hospital.

What happened? He inhaled too much toxic particles which affected his throat. He had to be put on drip. But he returned to the studio after an hour. His professionalism won praise from all. He had emphasized that he had been given kind and honest roles from the start of his career. That was why they didn't leave a deep impression. So there wasn't much to look for in this serial in his acting. But many could see the multifacets of Zheng Xian(Go Soos' character in Green Rose in Chinese). He becomes to normal working employee to a fugitive, from a pauper to a CEO. How can there not be a change at all? He was just being modest.

The green rose refers to eternal love in heaven. But it also exists in human's perfect hope and expectations. It isn't a real flower. This fits Go Su's low profile and some of his fans have said that they can't resist his charm. Because of him, they can even try to get a flower which doesn't exist on earth. Upon knowing that he was shooting "The Green Rose", a girl suffering from leukemia asked her mother to give one green rose to Go Su. But he was still in China shooting this drama then and she didn't have the chance to pass it to him. Upon knowing the news, Go So sobbed and prayed hard for her recovery. So sorry that I didn't have news about her but I hope she is better now. 

This serial is using revenge as the base but it also emphasizes on love. The sudden separation, the trap set to gain the love yearned, the difficult circumstances to make the leads hang on is love! This serial tells us the great love can make one overcome the tragic fate, to make a woman know how a man uses his life to protect a woman. To make Zheng Xian's life difficult, SBS threw money to invest to shoot scenes in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. How can all miss the beautiful scenes in all these places? 

The scene where Zheng Xian ate in the restaurant and rn away without paying to get caught was a classic. Why? the police authorities did not notice the cameras nearby clicking and they arrested Go Soo! The crowd was oblivious to it and thought they were still shooting. 

Poor Go Soo - he did not know how to explain in Mandarin. Luckily, his interpreter came on time to explain to the authorities or he would be taken to the police station. 

After the failures of "SOME" and "When a man falls in love" Go Su's popularity dipped drastically. But he didn't give up and this time, he gave a new image. At his lowest point, he bravely took up this challenge to challenge his acting skills. Poor chap to endure the cold to jump into the cold sea and also the long walks/hours of shooting. Go Su also spent time to memorize his Chinese lines so that is why we can hear his clear dictation (although not entirely accurate) throughout the serial. 

Da Hae got her newcomer award in 2004 and thus her pairing with Go Soo gave all a refreshing feel. She is only 21 but do you notice that she was always given mature roles? Thus the average rating for this serial was 18.6%, which was considered quite okay. 

Go Soo attained the performance award for special project and also got one of the top 10 stars awards in SBS 2005 drama awards. Da Hae got the performance award for drama special. Thumbs up for their hard work.

Credit to : Thyle 2, Ko Soo Soompi Forum

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