Sunday, August 8, 2010

About "SOME"

"Despite these reservations, it's a mystery to me why this film performed so horribly at the box-office. I accept that TV star Goh Soo and newcomer Song Ji-hyo (Wishing Stairs) don't have the star presence of Shim Eun-ha, Han Suk-kyu, or Jeon Do-yeon, who graced Chang's previous movies. Perhaps poor marketing was to blame, because Some didn't face much competition at the box office, yet few viewers bothered to check it out. The crowd I watched it with seemed quite engaged, and word of mouth was generally positive. In the end, Some remains a fascinating, nuanced feature which lost buckets of money, and which is well worth remembering"
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"If you didn't know better, you'd swear leading man Soo Go, playing a rebel cop name Kang Sung-joo, and Ji-hyo Song, playing a spunky traffic reporter who becomes unwittingly entangled in Kang's investigation, were veterans of the trade. More surprising, then, that "Some" is Go's first movie and Song's second (having been in the last "Whispering Corridors" installment, "Wishing Stairs")."

Me, myself, when I watched Ko Soo in "SOME", I wondered how old was he ? I was surprised that "SOME" is Ko Soo's old film, cause Ko Soo looked 10 years older than his age. He wasn't a cute ,good looking boy here, he acted as a middle age cop. Along Ko Soo is Song Ji Hyo (Goong, Frozen Flower), at the beginning I didn't realize it was her.

Ko Soo gets an award for his acting in "SOME", he did all the dangerous scenes by himself, without stunt's help. He indeed worked very hard for this film and I still don't understand why this film failed at the box office.I think the burden for Ko Soo is a little bit too hard especially his co-star is Song Ji Hyo who was a new comer. The case will be different if Song Ji Hyo casts in "Some" after "Goong". The cast didn't choose well although the film is good.

I am happy that Ko Soo finally gets over his trauma syndrome with the movie, like he acted recently in "Into The White Night" along  Song Ye Jin  and the most waited : "PSYCHIC" along with Kang Dong Won.

Here is some movie stills from "SOME" :

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