Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gong Hyo Jin

By : Nenden Suherni

Gong Hyo Jin was born August 4th 1980, she only acted with Ko Soo in Lee Soo Young MV:"Left Alone". But somehow the rumors spreads that she was Ko Soo 's girl friend for the long 4 years. But another rumors  says she is Ryu Seung Beom 's ( The Beauty and The Beast) girl friend. Which one is actually true, only them who knows.

Compare to all Ko Soo's females co-star and all Korean actresses, she is my only favorite. Gong is not too beautiful but for sure she acts extremely well. The first impression when you see Gong, she is plain but the more you see her acting, she has a radiant look that makes her really beautiful. I love her since she acted along Rain in "Sang Doo Let's Go To School".

I saw many actress in the crying scene, but I haven't see them cry naturally. Somehow they want to look beautiful when they cry. Gong Hyo Jin is my exception. She looks so natural when she cries, that I cry together with her. 

Pasta Korean Drama

Gong latest drama is "Pasta" along with Mr. Voice :  Lee Sun Gyun. (The First Coffee Prince) They have very good chemistry that I watch the drama again and again. I really hope Ko Soo will work together again with her in the drama, it's better cause it's long, or at least in the film.

Ko Soo in MV Left Alone

Off Screen

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