Saturday, August 14, 2010

Piano Episode 2 (Recap)

By : Nenden Suherni

Knowing Jae Soo has beaten black and blue, Uhk Gwan drags him to meet the boy's parents. He intends to ask the compensation money to beat his son. But to his surprised Jae Soo brings him to 'that' woman house. Instead of asking the compensation money he is standoffish and mumbles about the kids who should get along well after the fight. The woman suggests him to do the x-ray for Jae Soo, nervously Uhk Gwan agrees but he can't take off  his eyes of her.

The picture is in the hospital where Ukh Gwan secretly look at her. Unfortunately the doctor who used to help the gangster disturb him, and think he comes to give him another gangster patient. Since there is nothing wrong with Jae Soo, both father and son return home. Some of their conversation on the way home is funny but somehow it's very touching.

Jae Soo (JS) : "What's wrong with you ?!"
Uhk Gwan ( UG) : "What ?"
JS : "You ignored her greeting. You wouldn't answer any of her questions just looking at her with your mouth open like an idiot."
UG : "Idiot, did you call me idiot?"
JS : "With your mouth open"
UG : "How dare you call your elder an idiot ? Is that what they taught you in kindergarten?"
JS : " I didn't go to kindergarten"
UG : "Hey,....hey. Did I really look like an idiot back there? Did I ?"

Mom punishes Kyong Ho, but it doesn't change the bitterness inside him. The anger of  losing his father makes Kyong Ho loses his control. At school he beats again Jae Soo. He throws his frustration by using his fist.
Mom is making cookies when her sister and brother in law come to their house. Those two siblings blame Mom for her husband death. Mrs. Lee husband is a very successful man, and they knew that their younger brother must left some fortunes for his  wife and children.

They are so annoying and speak so harsh, until Mom gives the envelope for them. It seems that Mom understands what they want but she cannot offend them and has no choice except to give what they want.
The setting change into the prison when Byun Hak Soo, Uhk Gwan ex boss has arrested. He has a visitor who is none than his long girl friend who gives what he needs and the bible, which the boss said he won't need it. But his girl friend didn't give up.

In the market Ukh Gwan is shounting to the poor lady and asks for his 'security' money but the lady is upset since she thinks as a thugh Uhk Gwan doesn't do anything. He suddenly takes out his knife and points it to the lady, and he grabs her money bag and takes some money from it ,but to his shock Mrs. Lee is right in front of him saying that she just bring Jae Soo's x-ray result. Uhk Gwan feels embarrassed, runs away and curses himself to become a fool.

At home Mom treats Jae Soo's wound with Soo Ah help meanwhile Uhk Gwan gets drunk and starts to fight. Suddenly some of his ex gang comes and tells him to keep low profile since all Viper goon are every where. In his drunk state he comes to pick Jae Soo at Lee's family but he falls unconscious. Mrs Lee asks Soo Ah to look for some helps. But suddenly her annoying in laws come again and start to accuse her to fool around with a man. They come again the next morning and make the house  upside down. I believe they are looking for the house certificate to take  away from Mrs. Lee and claims later the house for their own.

Later at night Mrs. Lee tries to explain to her children over dinner  what happened today , but Kyong Ho is very difficult . He just adds to a desperate Mom another problem, she becomes more desperate  although in front of her children  she tries to be strong .

The setting jumps again to Ukh Gwan who is gambling but he never gets the jackpot, he is upset and starts to yell at one of the worker. He returns home with anger but suddenly Viper's boys come and hit them.  Many people watch them, he is black and blue, but something pinches his heart when a pair of his son eyes, full of tears, are looking at him.

Ukh Gwan realized that what he has done makes people around him sad. Because of him the people he cares so much is in tears. He knows he must change his life in order not to hurt them. 
The next morning he helps his boss' girl friend, who has food stall. She knows that Uhk Gwan has a good heart so she accepts him to work for her in one condition : he must go to church.

After that day, Uhk Gwan just does his best to work hard ,tries his best to be a good father for Jae Soo. He  makes kimbab for him but as we expected, he cannot do it well. Meanwhile his feeling for Mrs. Lee has never changed but he knew he is not worth for her. So he understood when she refuses his help and does her best to stay away from him. 

But everything goes wrong when one day Ukh Gwan who is in the church,  saw Mrs. Lee comes too. But some ladies bad words her and it makes Ukh Gwan upset  He suddenly stand up and shout at them, ruins the whole mass.

Mrs. Lee rushes out from the church followed by Uhk Gwan, she went to the river bank where her husband ashes were scattered. She sobs and pour out all her sorrow.  Looking at her from a far, Uhk Gwan mutters the word "sorry" again and again.

Just like the ending of episode one, there is a monologue at the end, this time is  Kyong Ho's :
"At the same riverbank where my father's ashes were scattered, another man begs for my mother's lovhe. My yearning for my loved ones is too strong to shut it out with this hatred. I've been consumed with hatred, pushing the love aside but in this rain even that hatred is washing away. Now what will I live on ...?

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