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Cover Story of ‘MBC's Guide’, October 2000 : KO SOO

Appeal, luck, or 'good guy' image, Ko Soo has them all together. Handsome face and beatiful eyes, but it’s a good mentality of actor that made it possible to create a career that he had. He’s a serious young man, an opposite character than his role in sitcom. Now he has a chance to be out of that character and will be recognized as a soap opera weekend star in ‘Mother and Sister’.

Naturally Appealing or showing a 'good guy' image

Everyone is given the opportunity a few times. It wasn’t an easy thing, but he is ready to welcome it.

Being a star of MBC soap opera weekend in just a year after his debut, Ko Soo must be a lucky one. Running like crazy so his girlfriend wouldn’t be late for her curfew in Bacchus CF, was highlighting the youth appearance of Ko Soo that made his foray into the entertainment industry went smoothly as a First Class Accreditation star. People who see the bright eyes of Ko Soo in Kim Jang-hoon’s music video ‘Sad Gift’ would remember his appearance, but after appearing in that CF with "we're not late, right?”  people started to ask who he is.

Still the goddess of fortune was smiling at him, because after the CF he was starring a drama. Someone described him as “supporting cast that stole leading cast’s thunder”, enough said. His appearances in the sitcom ‘Jump’, ‘Funky Family’, ‘Nonstop’ etc were undeniably attractive.

In ‘Mother and Sister’ he played as a precious son of a wealthy family, who found out the mystery of his birth that he has a twin sister from a surrogate mother.
Even though he was born as an actor, playing such a big role in one year after debut is amazing.  It’s not a chance for everybody. Clearly, this was an opportunity that he's been waiting for.
The director of Sunday morning drama ‘Say it with your eyes’ was believing that Ko Soo would be a star someday. “Unlike other actors,” he said, “Ko Soo is basically a nice and sincere guy. Plus he has a beautiful face and eyes.”

Other staff desribed Ko Soo as ‘the hero face’. Good acting, handsome, striking both the protagonist and antagonist characters well, Ko Soo is the one and only. Above all, he is a good person. We can feel his goodness reflects in his eyes, that he’s not just acting but really a good man.  The close-up image of him on television tells us all about it, camera can not lie.
Eventhough I really want to meet him, this was our first time. I’ve rarely met a good person at his age, and I wanted to see the person that director and other people said about.
He’s smaller than I thought, both hands were holding his wrapped face. He was shooting all night and slept only for three hours.  He said sorry for his appearance, that he pushed himself to ‘just get up and wash your face’.

But the eyes, OMG, still too beautiful. Big round, friendly yet wistful and neat eyes. I do not know how to describe.

I felt his goodness during the CF shooting.  They’re shooting the actress scene, and he’s there for more than 10 hours from early evening until 6:00 AM, I said so sorry that he had to get stuck in this place.  He said, “Oh, you've sacrificed as much as I do, then I'm sorry for you too.”

And he told me that after graduated from high school, he was leaving the house to catch his dream in acting career, being homeless and had a hard life. So these days, even he’s too tired or lonely, he’s gratefully giving his best. I felt so sorry for him, and didn’t know how to respond. I asked, “Were you on the street all alone?” He said yes.

Born in Cheonan Chungcheong  Province, he doesn’t talk much and like to be alone."Want to be a painter, coz I love to see everything in nature," he said.

There’s a funny story about his phone and pager. We already know about his personality. Facing his fame, sometimes Ko Soo feels that he wants to run away from people who recognize him. But then people who wanted to say hello felt ignored by him. Because he’s reserved, he doesn’t know what to say on the phone. He thought that a cellphone (a must-have item for entertainer) was unnerving thing. So a few days ago he bought a 43,000 won pager. “I’ve telling people ‘Sorry, I can’t call you’... they couldn’t believe me, but they would call anyway.”
He is currently studying film at Sang Myung University as a sophomore. I referred to an article about the suspension so obviously I persisted in asking question about it. He made shift from another department and went on to film.

He was in the costume department at Wonkwang University for two years, not many people recognized him there. For an illustration, I started imagining Ko Soo.. sewing and  wearing an apron to dye.
“It’s strange to be there,” enough to know why he had to made shift since there were only 6 men of 40 people in the class.

Naturally handsome from a young age, striking good sense of responsibility of his brother so he was able to shed his wings from his hiding. But Ko Soo is not a snob celebrity who saw the audition as a type of solicitation. He's doing just fine, "I lived hard for a few years." He said when he was in Wonkwang University, for the first time he was auditioning for a dance club, and since then he appeared in magazine, modelling, music video, etc.

CF, sitcom or else, Ko Soo’s charm that attracts attention from many people would have been precipitated. But now he has to start the real acting. And you must see it, to prove the great capacity of an actor.

Translated in English by : Wid Ko Soo

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