Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ko Soo’s Red Carpet Moments :


Written by widkosoo

Have you seen Ko Soo lately? Call me shallow but I do think that this guy is even dreamier these days with his better fashion sense. Don’t know who’s responsible for this (stylist, anyone?) but surely no more “worst dressed” Ko Soo nowadays. Fans were upset when he got that tittle some years ago.. but honestly, he really didn’t look so great back then, right? :P
But look at him now, cool and awesome... so stunning! 

Definitely my fave. Love love love the look! Just the right amount of casual-feeling-but-neat-in-the-mix. I'm not fashionista so I won't go with the brands and stuffs. Have I told you that to me Ko Soo in solid black is a total hotness? Well this is the proof.

Now let's see the total opposite from the past.... 

OMG Ko Soo... probably he thought that he's so matching from top to toe but to me this screams ‘what were you thinking??!!’ I’ll go with black and white but this was over the top, mate. And like it was not enough, there were accessories as well.... oh what is that, a purse? Please Soo, when your mother asked you to take her thing as a good luck charm, pick anything else. :D

Obviously, I'm not a fan of this style too. He was in Seoul Fashion Week with uncombed hair + girly T + one button-on top and to give an impression that he's pretty rebelish, let's add leather jacket?? oh I don't think so :)
Not a front row material to me, for sure.

So.... how's thing going?
Let's say he learnt. Dramatically.

This is him in Gucci Fashion Show. Enough said.

Totally front row material. 

Hmmm still doubting that he learnt the lesson? 

See him in Pusan International Film Festival. Thumbs up for your classic tux, mr. Ko Soo... couldn't even better!

Ooops, turned out I was wrong. In the afterparty that night, he's even cuter with no more bow tie and button off tuxedo. 

And I think Ko Soo knew that he's looking good in that particular event....

.... so he grabbed his cellphone out, saw the reflection of him ("Wow, i DO look good!") and took a picture of himself....

.. and that pic was causing a great buzz in Twitterland. Fans were amazed by his beautiful look and the flawless complexion (really, want to know your anti aging cream).

But, this is my absolute favorite look of him.

A regular Ko Soo with a simple shirt and glasses. Yups, the one I love the most : A cute geeky hunky kinda guy.

Well.. what's your favorite ???!

Written for Ko Soo Indonesia Fans Club (KIF) only
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  1. I love the look of the first photo, elegant and casual. It looks cute!

  2. he is definitely looks more beautiful than younger than he was.....

  3. Arelysmar you're totally right.... that look fits him perfectly !

  4. Nonie.. yes he looks younger somehow, wonder about his secret ! magic fountain, perhaps? :D