Friday, June 10, 2011

Fans prayed that ‘Gojijeon’ would topped the box office with 10 million viewers

Translated by : Wid Kosoo

Movie Gojijeon, starring Sin Ha Kyun, Ko Soo and directed by Jang Hoon, raised many interests. Enthusiastic response from fans last month 24th in a ceremony to cheer 'Gojijeon' told us all.

At the meeting, a fan pledged, “I will mobilize people so ‘Gojijeon' would had 10 million audiences.” And actor Ryu Seung Soo said, “I’ll keep that promise.”

Then fan released the video about how she wore a mask of Ko Soo’s face and began to bow, praying so ‘Gojijeon’ would achieved 10 million viewers! Some supporters were wearing the masks of other characters in ‘Gojijeon’.

People who viewed the video said, “It’s so lovely. I’ll join to increase the number.” They showed great interest with many wonderful comments.

Gojijeon will be released in the  theater on July 21st 2011 along with Ha Ji Won's movie : Sector 7 .

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