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Lee Byung Hun helps Ko Soo advance his career overseas

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There’s an article about agencies promoting their artistes overseas. Looks like BH has plans to market Ko Soo to Hollywood


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Lee Byung Hun has welcomed Ko Soo to his management company. With his charming voice and masculine good looks, Ko Soo bears a resemblance to him. Lee will be leaving for the US next month to film GI JOE 2. He plans to bring along profiles of his artistes to the US with a view of introducing them to US producers and film officials to help them expand their presence overseas. Hence the overseas presence of Ko Soo is on the cards. Said a BH official on Ko Soo, “The potential for growth is high for an actor in his 30s. We plan to capture the overseas market next and we are confident about Ko Soo.

Actor Ko Soo signs with Lee Byung-hun's agency
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Actor Ko Soo [Sony Canon]

Korean actor Ko Soo has signed with an entertainment company that manages the careers of Hallyu stars Lee Byung-hun and Han Hyo-joo, according to a press release on Monday.

BH Entertainment confirmed that Ko signed an exclusive contract with the company in May. "Ko is the kind of actor that is able to show both the bright and dark side through his acting. We also have high expectations for him since he is an actor who can express his true emotions," an official from the agency was quoted as saying.

Ko first started out in the entertainment industry with an appearance in the music video "Letter" by singer Position in 1998 and has since appeared in numerous dramas and films. His most notable roles include the TV series "Piano" and "Will it Snow for Christmas?" and movies "Some" and "White Night."

The actor last starred in the action flick "Haunters" alongside actor Gang Dong-won which was sold to several countries including Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The film also brought in a high number of advance ticket sales and attracted over one million viewers within a week of its premiere in November of last year.

Ko is currently working on a war flick titled "Frontline," helmed by director Jang Hoon, which tells of the war during 1953 where South Korean soldiers are captured by the North as prisoners of war while they plot against their enemies to escape.

The film, which also stars Korean actor Shin Ha-kyun, is set to be released this summer.

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