Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Actor Ko Soo appears in TV ads to appeal to consumers

Translated by : Wid Kosoo

No calories, no colorings, no sugar, no preservatives: Zero-calorie Narangd Cider breaks the stereotypes in the R & D world after many years of research and testing.

To create a new category, the company has done a variety of marketing efforts. Supported many events, college festivals, parade activities, and being a sponsor of 'Korea's Got Talent' , which airs next month.

Narangd TV CF is also in full swing. Last month, they released the CF for TV campaign with actor Ko Soo as the model, to appeal to consumers.

Ko Soo’s good performance puts Narangd Cider as the top ranking in beverage sales accounting since its launch, and having a steady increase in sales. 

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