Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ko Soo is officially Free Agent now and Merrel CF

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Ko Soo parts with agency… “Not renewing contract”

Actor Ko Soo’s contract with HB Entertainment will be ending soon. However, it is believed that Ko Soo has decided not to renew his contract with HB Entertainment. Going forward, he may sign up with another agency or he may go independent as a free agent.

A spokesperson from Ko Soo’s agency revealed on the morning of 8th April that both parties have mutually agreed not to renew their contract. He is uncertain, though, whether Ko Soo is joining another agency or he is going independent.

A source from the industry has disclosed that there is a lack of leading actors in the Korean film industry at the present moment. The fact that Ko Soo is now a free agent is indeed good news for the agencies. It is believed that Ko Soo will receive many attractive offers from various agencies.

Ko Soo is now awaiting the release of GOJIJEON.

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There are also a few articles on the Merrell TV cf today:

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Pictures from Ko Soo’s Merrell TV commercial

The cf appropriately features Ko Soo as an outdoor enthusiast with the great New Zealand natural environment as the backdrop. It is revealed that the camera crew were full of admiration for Ko Soo’s form and excellent presence during each take. And it was during the filming of this cf in NZ that the news of Ko Soo’s romance broke. His subsequent public affirmation of the news upon his return home caused a stir and this has generated much interest in the cf.

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