Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gojijeon' : The Interview

Article from Beppu Korean Film Festival Official Blog
Interview by Movieweek and News Khan
Translated by Wid Kosoo

My first meeting with Director Jang Hoon was last November in a Critics Association Awards ceremony for Korean film. When I asked him about Beppu event, he said, “ Hot spring festival ? Yes I’m gonna be there, I hope.”

However, the film festival postponed to mid-April. Then I asked his readiness again. "Yes I’ll be there, with Ko Soo." Wow, a great director Jang Hoon and popular actor Ko Soo as special guests. Film Festival's strongest combination.

He was filming Gojijeon recently, and had to struggle with Korean cold weather and challenging location.

Here’s the interview by Movieweek and News Khan :

You all had to face the shooting in very cold winter.

Yes. Thank you to all actors and staff, I'm sorry to put you into much trouble.

Taking place every day in the top of the mountain, surely it’s not an easy matter.

There’s no way to go up and down but by hiking. Cars can not go there, so staffs had to carry all the heavy equipments by hand.

Location is pretty steep. What time is everybody usually around?

Five o'clock in the morning. The costume team first, I need to work faster.

Earlier, I saw some actors gathered here, the atmosphere was good. So the casting part is something important, isnt it ?

If it matches well with the characters. I see them in TV and movies, but when I actually met them I looked their own personalities. They are what I’ve been wishing for. And it also very helpful when they committed to the production.

Kim Ok Bin is the only actress here, how about that?

She has a different appeal. I’m a little awkward because I don’t really familiar to work with actress, though.... I’m always making manly movies (laughs).

Your previous movie was a male movie as well. Even love between the characters was often depicted as platonic relationship than love and family love. Is Gojijeon will show the relationship between men and women so it wouldn’t feel a little bit lonely?

"Gojijeon" is a war movie, not a soap opera. Someday, I want to take a pure romance genre. Well, only if you found a good scenario ... (laughs). Personally, I love movies like "The Closer" (2004) and "Rettomiin" (2008). To me, I still prefer to work with male actors. Ok Bin was coming on the scene every time, honesty I was a little nervous when she’s around (laughs).

In the end of the shooting day, did you have opportunity to make friends with other casts and drink together?

We have our occasional drinking session. Except for Lee Kun Dhabi, because he’s still a high school student! (Laughs). Because the actors are tired, I drank some beer with them at 9 pm. They are going to bed at 10.
Photo credit to movie week

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