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PSYCHIC – Kang Dong Won vs Ko Soo

From "Colour"  Chinese magazine issued January 2011
translated in English by : ELSIE

PSYCHIC is a film starring handsome actors Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo. In the film, Kang Dong Won took up the challenge to portray Cho-in, a bad guy who has the ability to control people with his eyes. He meets his arch-enemy Gyu-nam (Ko Soo), an ordinary guy who is not affected by his special powers, by chance. A conflict then occurs with each other wanting the other dead. Audiences have found the explosive scene of the 2 lead actors trying to out-stare each other refreshing and fascinating. This is of course one of the film’s selling point.

A press preview for PSYCHIC was held in Seoul and it was attended by the film’s lead actors Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo as well as Director Kim Min Suk. At the press preview, Kang Dong Won was full of praise for Koo Soo. He said, “Brother Ko Soo is a handsome actor who is wonderful both on the inside as well as outside and one whose qualities are not easily found in the Korean film industry. Not only is he good looking, but his acting ability is just amazing. I am very happy to have worked with him”. The ever humble Ko Soo’s response to this was, “There are many people with good looks and great acting ability. Apart from feeling envious, I will work hard and diligently on my performance. I hope to turn in a perfect performance each time to repay fans for their support”.

Ko Soo has kept a low profile after his return to the entertainment industry upon his discharge from the army. He now returns to the limelight with PSYCHIC. When asked what type of women he likes best, Ko Soo replied shyly, “I am a traditional person. I like the hardworking type who loves to do housework; a woman who wakes up early in the morning and prepares breakfast. But it’s hard to find such a person these days”. As regards Kang Dong Won, the heavenly king of box office, he has bid a quiet farewell to fans and left for the army late last year. PSYCHIC is his last film before the army.

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credit Baidu and Elsie.

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