Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ko Soo : At The End of The Year

In few days we will leave 2010, and start another new year : 2011. It's almost 4,5 months KIF has started this blog. Thanks to everybody who visits this blog and share their love for Ko Soo.
It's not long since KIF has made the research about Ko Soo. The more we've got closer the more we realize how wonderful our Ko Soo is.

Although he is more eloquent than before but Ko Soo still has that shy smile during the interview. He is always as serious as before when it comes to her job as an actor. Although it seems he is more relax and enjoy his work than before.

Here's some new pictures from Ko Soo's CF with sony, our agent is as cool as ever. Ko Soo is really photogenic and all the pictures come well because he brings the character's  soul into his soul.

Last but not least, we wish you a happy new year may our Ko Soo has more wonderful project, healthy and happy in life and love. Hmmm talking about love I can't help to post Ko Soo and Ha Ji Wan pictures. We hope he will work together with her in the drama...a wonderful love story drama...yeah I can't help my wild imagination


  1. Its difficult to read when you use this color on comment, dun mind if you change. Ilove your blogs abt ko soo n my fav ha ji won.YOU are awesome when hyunbin becomes ko soo.PRAY that they can work together!

  2. Just love them , perfect , perfect couple, waiting for their collaboration.Hoping haji won next project will be with him,I'm going to cross my finger.