Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ko Soo "The First Diary"

Few days ago, the Korean newspaper were full of Ryu Shin Won news since this October 26th ; he is going to get  married. Reading Ryu Shin Won news, it reminds me of "Ko Soo First Diary". Ryu has become Ko Soo photographer for this project.

The idea of this project is Ko Soo 24 hours; I have takes some of my favorite Ko Soo looks in this diary, enjoy :

In the morning, we will see Ko Soo wakes up at 9 AM (I have done my laundry already at this hour ha..ha..). He grabs an apple and starts his day doing push up , he even reads the newspaper while he's doing his push up. 
"He is indeed looks very sexy...(drooling)"

 "Don't want to see it" (open my eyes widely...LOL)

 ps : I don't like his pink T-shirt ( sorry..!)
What else ? He shaves, gets shower and gets on line (I wonder if he ever opens KIF blog, ha..ha..ha). At 10 AM, he jogs around the neighborhood (sport again!!). 

Well at least this time he does some reading, he looks really gorgeous in white, I can't stand to see him in white like this.
But I really fall for him with this next picture, awwww he is super cool :

Ko Soo with his dashing look goes to play with his dog, honestly I don't really like Ko Soo wearing this hair cover, he looks older especially with this glasses !! ( A big No)

Ko Soo goes for some appointments, waiting and the camera take a close up while he looks day dreaming, boring for the waiting. But even his boring looks is really gorgeous.

Interview !! that's something Ko Soo doesn't really enjoy much but stuff that fans really love !!!, (Ko Soo ssie you should learn to enjoy it cause we are dying to see you more off the screen)

Ko Soo in the evening, I thought he won't have time to watch TV. But he has while he's doing some reading or perhaps memorizing the scenario ?

This time, let's go to Ko Soo kitchen !!! Chef Ko Soo will make spaghetti for us. I love him in the apron, looks sexier (LOL). People said man who can cook is sexier than who doesn't. Well  these words applied for Ko Soo...indeed.

I jump a little the picture since I only take my favorite looks; here's Ko Soo at night, writing something in his diary (?). I love Ko Soo's smile but since "White Night" I become addictive with his solemn looks. Wan an Ko Soo Ssie !

That's the first part of the DVD, next we're going to see another look of Ko Soo, but this time Ko Soo appears like a boy next door. Perhaps If I see him in the street I won't recognize him easily since he is so 'banal' with the cap and simple shirt.

He comes to HB Entertainment, it is his agent. I am not sure what he is talking about but it has something to do with his preparation for Japan Fans Meeting ???. 
But again the next scene we see Ko Soo in another sport activity !! (oooh, no wonder he has a perfect body). 

Not enough with the gym, he plays golf too.... really a sportsman !!

and squash too............phuiiiih, I am tired just to see  his sweat, if I do all these sport, I won't able to wake up for a week (ha..ha..ha)

The last part of the DVD is Ko Soo practicing dance tap, Later this dance will be shown at Ko Soo Japan's fans meeting (Ohhhh, dear it's always Japan, when will Ko Soo come to Indonesia?)

Ko Soo works really hard to be able dancing perfectly but it is worthwhile cause the result is almost perfect. Really, nothing is easy, but as long as we enjoy what we do, no matter how hard it is, no matter the outcome later, the process to reach our dream is the most memorable part It make ss realize how good to work and dream...

A few words from Ko Soo The First Diary, it's hard to be an actor; beside you need to work extremely hard, you also need to maintain your looks and physic. Ko Soo perfect body, as I said on the top needs extra exercise. Time flies, and in a blink a cute Ko Soo is a 32 years old man. Age can run fast but still we need to be efficient with our looks !!

Again Zai You Ko Soo Ssie !


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