Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kim Hyun Joo

Kim Hyun Joo is not my first rank when it comes to the chemistry  between her and Ko Soo. But they acted quiet fair in "Marrying A Millionaire". For Kim Hyun Joo herself the role didn't give her so much challenge instead for Ko Soo the role is somehow very different.

Among all Korean actresses Kim Hyun Joo is the one of the prettiest. Not only pretty, she is also very attractive and intelligent. She always acted a strong intelligent girl, perhaps that's the reason why the viewer has impression she is an intelligent girl.

I first saw her in "Calla" along with Song Seun Heon (East of Eden, Autumn Tales) and Kim Hee Seon, who acted along Ko Soo in My Fair Lady. But  my favorite drama is "Glass Slippers". It's an old one and the first collaboration between her ans So Ji Sub, who was her boy friend for sometime.

Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub in "Glass Slippers"

Kim Hyun Joo and Lee Dong Wook in "Partner"

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