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Merrel Singning Session in Incheon

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Here are some latest pictures of Merrell signing session on today.

Credit as labelled , Elsie and Baidu

This is from ELSIE..

Ko Soo was wearing the same orange jacket in the Merrell ad!! So handsome... Despite the heavy rain and wind, there was a big crowd. Could see that some fans were wet. Kudos to the Korean fans!!

Here are 2 articles on the event:

KS is soooo cuteeee !!Posted Image

English translation by ELSIE.:D

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Ko Soo’s smile once again captivates the hearts of female
fans which further authenticates his ‘Ko-vid’ moniker

Photos of Ko Soo at a fan autograph session have been released.

Ko Soo, who models for Merrell, had a fan autograph session in Incheon on April 30th.

There was heavy rain but people were rushing to the event and a crowd soon formed. Fans were busy taking pictures and videos of Ko Soo. A touched Ko Soo repayed their support by signing and greeting each and every fan with a sincere exchange and a hug.

The dynamic form of Ko Soo, which can be seen in a TV ad and footages which can be viewed on-line, has received good responses from fans.

Ko Soo will be meeting audiences soon in GOJIJEON which will be released this summer.

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:D :)

English translation


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Big crowd in Ko Soo’s autograph session despite the wind and rain

Actor Ko Soo, who is the exclusive model for outdoor brand Merrell, held a fan autograph session at a departmental store in Incheon on April 30th.

Though it was raining heavily, there was a big crowd as it is not often possible to see Ko Soo personally.

Fans put their umbrellas in line and happily took pictures and videos of Ko Soo. Ko Soo personally greeted fans one by one and thanked them with a hug.

Meanwhile, Ko Soo was wearing an orange jacket that was a new product of Merrell which was also available in the store.

Ko Soo is planning to return to the big screen with GOJIJEON this summer.

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:w00t: Merrell Twitter , thanks to Salmint

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More pictures .. Credit with thanks to original posters and Baidu

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Daum admin has posted about her participation in the Merrell event .

Brief translation by Elsie
Credit with many thanks to Elsie and Daum Admin.
Thanks for sharing your awesome experience. :D

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The weather forecast had said there would be a lot of rain. I was worried that many people would not turn up. But many of you did inspite of the weather which wasn’t so good. Thank you very much, really.

I arrived at 12 noon and already there were 30 people standing in line. I was shocked. It was marvellous. Fortunately around that time, the rain stopped though the wind was strong. More people were approaching and the signing was ready to start. But then the sky became dark as night and it began to rain. It was not a shower, but a torrential downpour. None of us gave up, even the people in front. We waited.

Ko Soo’s car finally arrived. He was dressed in comfortable attire. Many people started taking pictures. Ko Soo greeted the organisers and changed into the Merrell orange windbreaker. The signing session started.

The rain was getting heavier and all of us who waited for our turn had rain water dripping on our head, shoulders, arms, sleeves, pants and shoes. We were all drenched fans. Some fans were mortified to meet Ko Soo with wet hands, wet hair and wet clothes. Ko Soo shook hands, signed and talked to everyone.

Everyone was cooperative and took care of each other. A little over an hour later, Ko Soo had signed for 100 people. Although the scheduled time had passed but because of the bad weather, everyone who queued up in the rain did not make a wasted journey. Everyone had Ko Soo’s signature and attention.

After the signing and photo-taking ended, Ko Soo left the venue. We then gathered and chit chatted about general stuff and the good time at Beppu.

I really appreciate your co-operation at the signing session yesterday. Posted Image

PS: Photos of the event yesterday can be found at the Merrell website

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Elsie siad she reads some of the comments of fans at SBS.
One fan wrote that she asked Ko Soo about Dayun (his baby niece) and Ko Soo told her that Dayun has 2 fathers – her real father and uncle Ko Soo.
So cute… :D
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This Merrell Signing event articles have been appeared in many agencies.

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Elsie went around to check fans sites. And she kindly shares
to us her brief comment... Credit and thanks to Elsie.. :wub:

I read some comments from fans. Seems some of them have gotten sick after the Merrell session.
Hope they will get well soon!

Read a very cute comment from a SBS fan. She said she stood before Ko Soo like a ‘drenched rat’ and when Ko Soo saw her, he sighed and said he has a very heavy heart. (Think what he meant was that he felt bad that fans had to brave the rain in order to meet him). She was stunned and she thought hard about what to talk to him about but nothing came to mind. All she could say was ‘thank you’ and shook his hand. She regretted as she had planned to ask him about GOJIJEON.

In fact, a lot of fans talked to Ko Soo about GOJIJEON and of course Dayun.
He told them that he had just completed a photography session for new GOJIJEON posters.

Most fans said that though they got wet but it was worth it just to see Ko Soo’s endearing face.
Fans commented that he smiled a lot during the signing session :D .


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