Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ko Soo turns away from Gyu-nam for Aligator Squadron in GOJIJEON – Expect another ‘Ko Soo Syndrome’

Transformation of handsome Korean actor Ko Soo

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Ko Soo has captured the hearts of many female audiences, set off their protective instinct and caused a ‘Ko Soo Syndrome’ with his soft smile. But now in GOJIJEON, he has become a death-defying warrior who fought in the last decisive battle in the Korean war.

Last year, he was pure Ko Soo in PSYCHIC. This year, he is Kim Su Hyuk a Lieutenant in the great Alligator Squadron who led his soldiers to the front line in GOJIJEON.

Ko Soo’s Kim Su Hyuk plays a key role in the victory of Aero.K during the cold war. Knowledgeable and daring, Su Hyuk always leads his men with cool-headed judgement to victory. Always at the forefront of combative attack, different sides of Su Hyuk will be featured in the battle field.

Ko Soo has transformed himself perfectly into Lieutenant Kim Su Hyuk. He is engaged in continuous confrontation every single minute of the day and escaping flying bullets from enemy troops.

Director Jang Hun has expressed great satisfaction for Ko Soo’s portrayal, “When I first met Ko Soo I was worried because there is this aura of innocence about him. How to bring out the Su Hyuk character from him? But when we started shooting the numerous battle scenes, his toughness and earnestness showed up and he changes into the image of Su Hyuk that we want”.

Even script writer Park Sang-yeon is full of praise for Ko Soo and has not ceased to marvel at his acting ability, “Only Ko Soo can make Su Hyuk come alive”.

Ko Soo’s transformation is highly anticipated in GOJIJEON, which is based on the battle of the highlands during the 2 year period after cease-fire negotiations. The film is scheduled for release on July 21, 2011.

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