Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sony and Comodo Square

Recently we've heard that Hana Bank CF starred : Our Ko Soo is chosen as the best advertising of the year for bank category. And now Wid Ko Soo has translated again another article about another CF award starred by Our Ko Soo. Here's the full translation, and thanks to Petra to share the link with us.

Sony Camera Alpha NEX TV Ads has won the award for 'Best Advertising' at the 19th Annual Consumer's Choice Award, held by Korea Advertisers Association and was co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture.

Actor Ko Soo as the model of Sony NEX Alpha brand advertising succeeded to deliver 'the literary act' of concept, a compact camera body so you won’t miss any single moment with many features in it.

'Consumer's Choice Award’ is a unique event as the nation participated to select the winner of all directly screening ads to consumers over a year, with total 400 ad films in 31 categories.

Nb : yawww ! Congratulation Ko Soo ssie ! I am happy to hear this and somehow I am not surprised since the picture in the CF looks really beautiful espeacilly the model !
Now, let me share with you another picture from Comodo Square signing sessio, credit to Baidu and Comodo Square !

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