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Ko Soo’s high-five with 500 Japanese fans

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Actor Ko Soo is the first Korean actor who visited Japan after the deadly earthquake which hit North Eastern Japan.

Ko Soo attended the 3rd Korea-Japan Next Generation Film Festival in Beppu, ( Kyushu ) from 15th to 17th April as a special guest.

The atmosphere in Japan was quiet after the quake. Even though the weather was fine in the famous hot spring city of Beppu , there were hardly any sightseeing guests. However, there were a lot of interest for Ko Soo when he arrived in Beppu, probably because of his popular TV dramas like WISFC.

There was no standing space for the welcome reception on 16th April. 500 fans of Ko Soo gathered at the Suginoi Hotel to catch a glimpse of the Korean actor. Most were middle aged women. It appeared that 1,200 people applied for paid tickets to the reception but only 500 were invited through the drawing of lots. Due to the quake, there was a fair amount of cancellations. But the cancelled tickets were all sold out through on-site sale during that day. The great interest in Ko Soo was therefore apparent.

Ko Soo went on stage in casual clothes to address the audience, “I hope my visit to Japan will provide strength and comfort to all of you, even if a little”. When an official of the film festival announced that Ko Soo will be giving each individual fan a high-five, the reception was immediately filled with warmth. 500 fans lined up to wait for their chance of meeting Ko Soo directly. Ko Soo was solemn when he greeted each fan.

“The Making of GOJIJEON” was screened and it was received with much interest by the Japanese fans. Ko Soo said that he lived like a real military personnel during the entire filming. He slept at 10 pm and woke up at 4 am throughout the shoot and this continued for half a year. It was a serious but regular life, he added. Borned in 1978 and already in his 30s, Ko Soo said he always felt like the youngest child and never a ‘big brother’. Even more so in GOJIJEON when he teamed up with big-bone actors like Ko Chang Seok, Ryu Seung Soo. In the film, he co-stars with Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Ok Bin, the latter being the only female character in the movie. He hinted that if fans were expecting a romance between his and Kim Ok Bin’s character, then they will have to wait for another opportunity.

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