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All About Beppu

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Shooting of GOJIJEON ends. Actor Ko Soo visits Japan on behalf of Kang Dong Won

Ko Soo will be a guest of the Beppu Film Festival which starts on 15 April 2011. Travelling with him are Director Jang Hun and the producers of SWORN BROTHERS and the upcoming GOJIJEON.

The Beppu Film Festival had intended to invite recent award winners Kang Dong Won, Director Jang Hun and the producers of SWORN BROTHERS as special guests. As Kang Dong Won is currently serving in the army, the organizers have invited Ko Soo to attend on his behalf. They feel that Ko Soo is the most appropriate person in view of his close connection to Kang Dong Won (who was his co-star in PSYCHIC), Director Jang and the producers of SWORN BROTHERS (who are also the director and producers of Ko Soo’s upcoming film GOJIJEON).

The opening film will be SWORN BROTHERS and other films like DUELIST, A MOVIE IS A MOVIE and PSYCHIC will also be introduced to the Japanese audience.

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Elsie wrote ..

"Ko Soo really needs a lot of support now. There’s an article today about Ko Soo going to the Beppu Film Festival as a stand-in for Kang Dong Won. Sad lah. Posted Image
Why must Ko Soo attend the film festival on behalf of someone? Why can’t they invite Ko Soo to attend as ‘Ko Soo’?
It is so insulting, right? But being the gentleman that he is, Ko Soo has accepted the invitation. Sometimes I wonder why are they releasing such unflattering news." 

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Hallyu stars attend Opening Ceremony of Japan-Korean Next Generation Film Festival

The 3rd Beppu Hot Spring Next Generation Film Festival of Japan and the Republic of Korea will be held from 15th to 17th April.

Popular Korean actor Ko Soo attended the opening ceremony as a special guest, together with Director Jang Hun and 11 others. They were warmly welcomed by an audience of 700. Ko Soo and Director Jang expressed their pain and support for Japan which was devastated by a deadly earthquake recently. Kazuo Majima, Chairman of the organising committee thanked the guests and said that the kind words of each and every guest gave him strength and courage.
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Director Jang’s SWORN BROTHER, for which he was awarded a Director’s prize by the Korean Movie Critic Society last year, was the opening movie.

There will be a screening party, a symposium and a movie seminar at the City Centre on 16th April. A total of 4 movies will be screened. There is also a welcome reception which will be held at the Suginoi Hotel Beppu.

Japan-Korea Beppu Next Generation Film Festival – Thoughts and comments on upcoming movie

A screening party and a symposium were held at the Beppu City Central Public Hall on the second day of the film festival.

Korean war was the theme of the symposium and participating in the symposium were Ko Soo, Ko Chang Seok and Director Jang Hun of upcoming movie GOJIJEON, which opens in Korea in July 2011.

“I play the role of a soldier who gradually changes into a strong man. It is a challenging and difficult role”, said Ko Soo who stars in the movie. While Director Jang expressed the hope that war will never happen again.

Four Korean movies will be screened on this day and there will also be a welcome reception at the Suginoi Beppu Hotel in the evening.

On the last day, 17th April, there will be a Japan-Korea movie seminar (free of charge) at the Beppu Bluebird Theatre at 9.20 am.

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