Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Legacy of " Will It Snow for Christmas"

While the drama Will it Snow for Christmas has received mixed reviews, the true legacy of the drama has been the acting capability of its amazing actors. The drama itself garnered good, but not amazing ratings (it was also overshadowed throughout its run with bigger name dramas: Iris and Chuno), and received some complaints on its less than original plot. However, the acting, especially of 3 characters have received much glowing praise.

First is Kim Soo Hyun, who has been propelled into the spotlight due mainly to his role as Kang-jin during the first 2 episodes. Regardless of his relatively young age and inexperience, he was praised for his intense acting which portrayed the depth of his character. Thereafter he stared in a 2-episode New Year special Father’s House, which was re-run due to popularity. Kim Soo Hyun is certainly an actor whom we may hope to see more of.

Second, the lead Go Soo rose to much popularity due to this role (and his role in his movie: White Night), thrusting him into the spotlight, from which he had been absent for 4 long years. While some criticism has been remarked upon his character for being too perfect, the high quality of Go Soo’s acting has been positively noticed. Coming back to the small screen in 4 years, Go Soo has once again captivated living room hearts, gaining nicknames such as 고비드 “Gobidi” and 고수앓이 “GoSooahe”, referring to his sculpture like image and charisma. Go Soo showed his truly amazing acting ability in his portrayal of his character. (He even drew the charcoal image Kang-Jin drew for the company himself)

Finally, the actress who played Kang-jin’s mother Jo Min Soo drew much notice as she accurately portrayed her role’s many faceted character, from a woman who can not forget or let go her love, a mother with two full-grown sons (both of different parentage), and finally a mother who brings those two full-grown sons back with her to her hometown because of that love she can not forget. Her love story acts to some extent as a foil to the main love story and also as a major obstacle in their way. She has her own unique brand of motherhood, shown through her relationship with her sons. She oftentimes inhabits a child-like innocence, but also shows bursts of wisdom at strategic points throughout the drama. Jo was able to act all the numerous sides to her character with much talent and skill.

Thus, while the drama itself may not have made the tremendous success it may have hoped for (and it was in no means a failure), it truly made its mark through the talented acting of its actors.

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