Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Film in 2011

eta kuat ku keukeuh Widi... namaku Wid, teteh.... :D
berita? daku udah ga bisa kirim update2 berita lagi teh...  palingan juga aku kirim ke teteh ntar teteh yang upload, gitu.... 
foto juga gitu, aku cuman bisa attach di message ke teteh aja, ntar teteh upload di GIF...
di message sebelumnya udah aku attach foto interview, di yang ini aku attach foto cutenya ya.... yang lainnya udah jadi profile pic-ku hehehe

Ko Soo has decided to do a movie for his next project. The title of the movie is GOJIJEON. The story surrounds an intense battle to regain captured grounds during the Korean war era.Filming for GOJIJEON starts second-half this year and will open in theatres next year.GOJIJEON is the collaboration between Jang Hun, the brilliant director of “Brother” and writer Park Sang-yeon of award-winning drama “Queen Seon Deok”.The new film project has received much attention even before the casting is confirmed.

In summary, the story of GOJIJEON is about 5 people – including the 2 lead characters + 1 woman + 2 others. Ro is a timid guy who is very afraid and finds it difficult to adapt to fighting in a war. His old friend Gang who is already involved in battle notices the change in his friend (Ro) on each passing day as the war progresses. The fierce highland battle is over a territory of 1 cm on the map which changes ownership (between North & South Korea) every other day. The moral of the story: If one were to look at life from a distance, it is a comedy in tragedy - all the intense battles and loss of lives for just a small trivial piece of land of 1 cm on the map…

Director Jang revealed that filming will commence in August 2010 through winter of next year. casting for the main and supporting roles are still in progress.

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